"The one you heard singing must have been the original Lulu, mother of the current lead singer who's also named Lulu."

The Original Lulu is a character mentioned in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. She is stated to be the mother of Lulu, the lead singer of The Indigo-Go's.

In a prior generation, the Original Lulu was the lead singer of The Indigo-Go's herself. During this time, the band released a hit known as the "Ballad of the Wind Fish". This song inspired Gorman to join show business. When Link helps Toto with a sound check in the Milk Bar by playing the "Ballad of the Wind Fish", Gorman is reminded of his past, apologizes for heckling Link and gives him the Circus Leader's Mask.

The Original Lulu also sung the "New Wave Bossa Nova" to Lulu at some point, which her daughter is later reminded of during Link's quest to save the Great Bay. As this song later proves to be the key to entering Great Bay Temple while it is cursed, this may indicate that the Original Lulu, like her daughter, is a descendant of the Zora protectors of the temple.

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