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Parrow (brother)

Orielle is a character in Skyward Sword.[2]


Fi's Comment:
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Target lock: Orielle
"This is Orielle, a down-to-earth young woman. She has significant experience dealing with Loftwings, even for a resident of Skyloft.

She shares her enthusiasm for birds with her older brother, Parrow."

Orielle lives with her older brother Parrow in Skyloft. Both she and her brother share a large interest in Loftwings, and both have experience in handling them.

Orielle displays something of a romantic side, claiming she dreams of being the village girl portraying the Goddess after the Wing Ceremony with a handsome knight.[3]

On a sidequest, Orielle decides to fly off to investigate Fun Fun Island, but ends up stranded on an island in the Sky after crash landing her Loftwing. Link locates her after Parrow asks him to help him find her. After finding her, Link reports back to Parrow who gives him a Bottle of Mushroom Spores that will heal her bird. Once she heals her Loftwing, she is able to return to Skyloft, reuniting the two siblings. Link will then receive ten Gratitude Crystals, five from each sibling.


Orielle's name is derived from oriole, the name of two groups of birds.

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