Ordon Spring (Hylian OHylian RHylian DHylian OHylian NHylian SpaceHylian SHylian PHylian RHylian IHylian NHylian G) is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Located in the Ordona Province, it is home to Ordona, one of the Light Spirits. This is the first Spirit's Spring that appears in the game.

After Link manages to injure Epona while jumping over fences, Ilia takes her to the healing waters of the Ordon Spring, as she had done many times before. Angered at Link for being irresponsible and injuring Epona, she locks the gate to the spring, and Link, in dire need of Epona in order to complete his delivery to Hyrule Castle for the Hyrule Festival, is forced to sneak into the vicinity of the spring by crawling through a tunnel. After he apologizes to Ilia, a group of Bulblins led by King Bulblin appear and kidnap Ilia and Colin. Link is turned into a wolf and is transported to the dungeons of Hyrule Castle. After his escape with Midna, Link is transported back to the spring and the Light Spirit Ordona appears and tells Link about the other Light Spirits.

After the first level of the Cave of Ordeals is completed, healing Fairies appear in the spring. A Great Fairy will appear when the entire cave is completed. As with the other Spirit's Springs, stepping in the sacred water heals Link's hearts, about a fourth every second.

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