"A sword can do good or evil. It reflects the heart of the one who uses it."
— Orca

Orca is a character from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. He is an elderly fisherman who resides on Outset Island, sharing a house with his older brother, Sturgeon, with whom he shares a tumultuous relationship. He is the great-uncle of Sturgeon's grand-daughter, Sue-Belle.


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In his youth, Orca aspired to become a great swordsman, as did his brother Sturgeon. They departed on a quest to hone their craft, fighting beasts as well as each other to become ever stronger. However, at one point, Orca suffered a severe injury that shattered his dreams of sword mastery. Now old men, Orca and Sturgeon settled down on Outset Island, living together in a house. Orca resigned himself to become a fisherman; no longer able to use a sword, Orca chose instead to wield a harpoon-like spear, offering training to other aspiring swordsmen.

At the beginning of Link's journey, Orca teaches him the basics of swordplay; however, he strictly limits Link's usage of the sword to the confines of his training chamber, as Link's Grandma would not appreciate his carrying a dangerous weapon around. However, when the Helmaroc King appears on the island and inadvertently drops a young girl into the Forest of Fairies, Orca offers Link more advanced training, and presents him with the Hero's Sword, somehow sensing that Link is about to depart on a great quest.

Later on, Link can play the Training Game with Orca, the objective of which is attempting to hit Orca as many times as possible before he manages to hit Link three times. Link's ranking as a fencer rises for whenever he accumulates a certain number of hits, his initial ranking being "Page". Eventually, he can become a "Knight", "Swordsman", and ultimately, "Orca's Master." Upon being designated the latter, Orca proclaims Link a greater master of the sword than himself; at this point, he also breaks the fourth wall by asking if Link's "left index finger is numb."

On the wall of Orca's house is a Knight's Crest, a treasured keepsake from his days as a swordsman. If Link brings him one he has found himself, Orca suggests that he accumulate ten Knight's Crests in all, at which point Orca will teach Link a powerful sword technique. When he does so, the surprised Orca offers to teach Link the legendary Hurricane Spin. After Link masters it, Orca cries tears of joy; he tells Link there is nothing more he can teach him, and has complete faith in Link's abilities as a hero. This declaration does not affect Link's ability to participate in the Training Game

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Many characters in The Wind Waker carry a name of an aquatic nature. Orca is another name for the Killer whale.

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