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This article is a work in progress.

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The following page is a list of the names of every location appearing in Oracle of Seasons in every release of the game. Oracle of Seasons has been released in the following languages:

  • Japanese
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Italian

Empty cells indicate there is no given name for the particular location in that language.



Sprite Japanese English French German Spanish Italian

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Sprite Japanese English French German Spanish Italian

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Sprite Japanese English French German Spanish Italian
Hero's Cave.png
勇者の洞くつ (Yūsha no Dōkutsu) Hero's Cave Grotte des Héros Heroenhöhle Cueva del Héroe Grotta Eroe
Gnarled Root Dungeon.png
根っこのダンジョン (Nekko no Danjon) Gnarled Root Dungeon Donjon Racine Noueuse Knorrwurzelhöhle Mazmorra de la Raíz Nudosa Dungeon Radice Nodosa
Snake's Remains.png
蛇のなきがら (Hebi no Nakigara) Snake's Remains Ruines Serpent Schlangengrube Restos de Serpiente Rovine Serpente
OoS Poison Moth's Lair.png
どくがの巣穴 (Dokuga no Suana) Poison Moth's Lair Antre Mites Poison Giftmottenhöhle Guarida de la Polilla Venenosa Covo Tarma Velenosa
Dancing Dragon Dungeon.png
竜の舞うダンジョン (Ryū no Mau Danjon) Dancing Dragon Dungeon Donjon Dragon Dansant Tanzdrachenhöhle Mazmorra del Dragón Danzante Dungeon Drago Danzante
Unicorn's Cave.png
一角獣の洞くつ (Ikkakujū no Dōkutsu) Unicorn's Cave Grotte Licorne Einhornhöhle Cueva del Unicornio Grotta Unicorno
Ancient Ruins.png
古代の遺跡 (Kodai no Iseki) Ancient Ruins Vestige Ancien Antike Ruinen Ruinas Antiguas Rovine Antiche
Explorer's Crypt.png
冒険者の墓 (Bōken-sha no Haka) Explorer's Crypt Crypte Étrange Forscher-Gruft Cripta del Explorador Cripta Esploratore
Sword and Shield Maze.png
剣と盾のダンジョン (Ken to Tate no Danjon) Sword & Shield Maze Donjon Épée & Écu Schwert/Schild-Höhle Mazmorra de la Daga y el Escudo Dungeon Spada e Scudo
Onox Castle.png
ゴルゴン城 (Gorugon-jō) Onox's Castle Château d'Onox Onox' Schloss Castillo de Onox Castello Onox
Room of Rites.png
儀式の間 (Gishiki no Ma) Room of Rites Chambre Sacrée Zeremonienhalle Sala de Ritos Sala dei Riti

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