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This article is a work in progress.
This article is a work in progress.

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The following page is a list of the names of every enemy and boss appearing in Oracle of Seasons in every release of the game. Oracle of Seasons has been released in the following languages:

  • Japanese
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Italian

Empty cells indicate there is no given name for the particular enemy in that language.



Sprite Japanese English French German Spanish Italian
OoS Brother Goriyas.png
ブラザーゴーリア (Burazā Gōria) Brother Goriyas Goriya-Brüder
Facade OOS.png
マットフェイス (Matto Feisu) Facade Dämonenfratze
オームアイ (Ōmuai) Omuai Kalmar-Trio
OoS Agunima Sprite.png
アグニマ (Agunima) Agunima Agahnim
サイガー (Saigā) Syger Syger
LADX Vire Sprite.png
バイア (Baia) Vire Vire Vire Vire Vire
Poe Sisters OOS.png
マーガレットとエイミー (Māgaretto to Eimī) Poe Sisters Confrérie des Esprits Irrlichtschwestern
Frypolar Fire.png
ファイス (Faisu) Frypolar Lavaeis-Irrlicht

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Sprite Japanese English French German Spanish Italian
OoS Aquamentus Sprite.png
アクオメンタス (Akuomentasu) Aquamentus Aquamentus Aquamentus Aquamentus Aquamentus
OoS Dodongo Sprite.png
ドドンゴ (Dodongo) Dodongo Dodongo Dodongo Dodongo Dodongo
ガモース (Gamōsu) Mothula Mothula Mothula Polillántula Tarmantula
ゴーマー (Gōmā) Gohma Gohma Gohma Gohma Gohma
Digdogger OOS.png
デグドガ (Degudoga) Digdogger Digdogger Digdogger
Manhandla OOS.png
テスチタート (Tesuchitāto) Manhandla Manhandla Manhandla
Oracle Of Seasons - Gleeok.png
グリオーク (Guriōku) Gleeok Griock Gleeok Griock Griock
Medusa Head.png
メデロック (Mederokku) Medusa Head Medlock Testa di Medusa
Onox Sprite.png
ゴルゴン (Gorugon) General Onox Onox Onox Onox Onox
ツインローバ (Tsuinrōba) Twinrova Twinrova Twinrova Birova Duerova
OoA Ganon Sprite.png
ガノン (Ganon) Ganon Ganon Ganon Ganon Ganon

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