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This article is a work in progress.
This article is a work in progress.

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The following page is a list of the names of every character appearing in Oracle of Seasons in every release of the game. Oracle of Seasons has been released in the following languages:

  • Japanese
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Italian

Empty cells indicate there is no given name for the particular individual in that language.


Main Characters

Sprite Japanese English French German Spanish Italian
OoS Link Sprite.png
リンク (Rinku) Link Link Link Link Link
OoS Impa Sprite.png
インパ (Inpa) Impa Impa Impa Impa Impa
Din Dancing.png
ディン (Din) Din Din Din Din Din
OoS Zelda Sprite.png
ゼルダ姫 (Zeruda-hime) Princess Zelda Princesse Zelda Prinzessin Zelda Princesa Zelda Principessa Zelda
Male Maku Tree 1.png
マカの木 (Maka no Ki) Maku Tree Arbre Bojo Maku-Baum Árbol Maku Albero Mak
Onox Sprite.png
ゴルゴン (Gorugon) General Onox Onox Onox Onox Onox
Koume Kotake OOX.png
ツインローバ (Tsuinrōba) Twinrova Twinrova Twinrova Birova Duerova
OoA Ganon Sprite.png
ガノン (Ganon) Ganon Ganon Ganon Ganon Ganon

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Supporting Characters

Sprite Japanese English French German Spanish Italian
Biggoron OoS.png
ダイゴロン (Daigoron) Biggoron Biggoron Biggoron Biggoron Biggoron
OoS Bipin Digging Sprite.png
ペック (Pekku) Bipin Bipin Florian Bipin Bipin
OoS Blossom Sprite.png
ラミン (Ramin) Blossom Blossom Florissa Blossom Blossom
OoS Blaino Sword Sprite.png
マイトパンチ (Maito Panchi) Blaino Blaino Boxos Blaino Blaino
OoS Cap'n Sprite.png
海賊船長 (Kaizoku Senchō) Cap'n Capt'n Käpten Capitán Capitano
OoS Dimitri Sprite.png
ウィウィ (Wiwi) Dimitri Dimitri Dimitri Dimitri Dimitri
OOS DrLeft.png
レフト (Refuto) Dr. Left Left Blöm Dr. Left Prof. Left
OoS Farore Sprite.png
フロル (Furoru) Farore Farore Farore Farore Farore
OoS Flash Sprite.png
ラッシュ (Rasshu) Flash Flash Caprice Curro Flash
Floodgate Keeper.png
水門かんり人 (Suimon Kanri-jin) Floodgate Keeper Gardien des Vannes Schleusenwärter Guardián de las Compuertas Guardiano Chiuse
OoS Great Moblin Sprite.png
ボスブリン (Bosuburin) Great Moblin Grand Moblin Großer Moblin Gran Moblin Grande Moblin
OoS Guru-Guru.gif
グル・グル (Guru-Guru) Guru-Guru Guru-Guru Guru-Guru Guru-Guru Guru-Guru
ホーリー (Hōrī) Holly Holly Holly Holly Holly
OoS Ingo Sprite.png
インゴー (Ingō) Ingo Ingo Ingo Ingo Ingo
ものしりバード (Monoshiri Bādo) Know-It-All Birds Oizosaitout Allwissenden Aras Pájaros Sabelotodo Uccelli So-Tutto-Io
Malon OoS.png
マロン (Maron) Malon Malon Malon Malon Malon
OoS Maple Sprite.png
メイプル (Meipuru) Maple Maple Martha Maple Maple
OoS Master Diver Sprite.png
マスターダイバー (Masutā Daibā) Master Diver Meisterschwimmer Maître Plongeur Maestro Buceador Campione Nuoto
OoS Mayor Ruul Sprite.png
ルール村長 (Rūru Sonchō) Mayor Ruul Maire Ruul Bürgermeister Ruul Alcalde Ruul Sindaco Ruul
Megaphone Old Man.png
おじい (Ojii) Megaphone Old Man alter Megaphon-Mann Anziano col Megafono
OoS Mittens Sprite.png
チミミ (Chimimi) Mittens Minou Miezi Mittens Mittens
OoS Moosh Sprite.png
ムッシュ (Musshu) Moosh Moosh Benny Moosh Moosh
Mrs Ruul.png
ザーマス夫人 (Zāmasu Fujin) Mrs. Ruul Mme Ruul Frau Ruul Sra. Ruul Mrs. Ruul
OoA Nayru Sprite.png
ネール (Nēru) Nayru Nayru Nayru Nayru Nayru
OoA Ambi Sprite.png
アンビ女王 (Anbi Joō) Queen Ambi Reine Ambi Königin Ambi Reina Ambi Regina Ambi
OoS Rosa Sprite.png
ウララ (Urara) Rosa Rosa Rosa Rosa Rosa
OoS Ricky Sprite.png
リッキー (Rikkī) Ricky Ricky Ricky Ricky Ricky
Sokra Sprite.png
ソクラ (Sokura) Sokra Sokra Sokra Sokra Sokra
OoS Green Subrosian Sprite.png
ウーラ (Ūra) Subrosian Subrosien Subrosianer Subrosio Subrosiano
OoS Green Subrosian Sprite.png
ウーラりょうり人 (Ūra Ryōri-jin) Subrosian Chef Chef subrosien Subrosias Chef Chef subrosio Cuoco di Subrosia
OoS Green Subrosian Sprite.png
かんばんウーラ (Kanban Ūra) Sign-Loving Subrosian Schilder-Freak Coleccionista de Letreros Fan dei Cartelli
Strange Brothers.png
ヘンなきょうだい (Hen na Kyōdai) Strange Brothers Frères Étranges Gebrüder Langfinger Hermanos Raros Fratelli Strani
OoS Syrup Sprite.gif
シロップ (Shiroppu) Syrup Syrup Syrup Sirope Syrup
OOS Talon.png
タロン (Taron) Talon Talon Talon Talon Talon
OoS Tick Tock Sprite.png
チクタク (Chiku Taku) Tick Tock Der Uhrmacher Tic Toc
OoS Vasu Sprite.gif
カーノ (Kāno) Vasu Vasu Vasu Vasu Vasu

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