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The following page is a list of the names of every item appearing in Oracle of Ages in every release of the game. Oracle of Ages has been released in the following languages:

  • Japanese
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Italian

Empty cells indicate there is no given name for the particular item in that language.


Inventory Items

Sprite Japanese English French German Spanish Italian
OoS Bomb Sprite.png
バクダン (Bakudan) Bombs Bombe Bombe Bomba Bomba
OoA Bomb Flower Sprite.png
バクダン花 (Bakudan Hana) Bomb Flower Chou Péteur Donnerblume Flor Bomba Fiore Bomba
OoS Bombchu Sprite.png
ボムチュウ (Bomuchuu) Bombchu Missile Krabbelminen Bombuchu Radiomina
OoA Book of Seals Sprite.png
ふういんの本 (Fūin no Hon) Book of Seals Livre des Scellés Siegelbuch Libro de los Sellos perdido Libro dei Sigilli
OoS Boomerang Sprite.png
ブーメラン (Būmeran) Boomerang Boomerang Bumerang Bumerán Boomerang
OoA Brother Emblem Sprite.png
キョーダイのあかし (Kyōdai no Akashi) Brother Emblem Emblème Frère Bruderzeichen Emblema Fraterno Emblema Fraterno
OoA Cane of Somaria Sprite.png
ソマリアのつえ (Somaria no Tsue) Cane of Somaria Canne Somaria Somaria-Stab Vara de Somaria Fusto di Somaria
OoA Cheval Rope Sprite.png
シバールロー (Shibāru Rōpu) Cheval Rope Corde de Cheval Cheval-Tau Cuerda de Cheval Fune Cheval
OoA Crown Key Sprite.png
王かんのカギ (Oukan no Kagi) Crown Key Clé Couronne Kronschlüssel Llave de la Corona Chiave Corona
OoA Fairy Powder Sprite.png
まほうのクスリ (Mahō no Kusuri) Fairy Powder Poudre de Fée Feenstaubs Polvos Mágicos Polvere Fatata
OoS Dimitri's Flute Sprite.png
ウィウィのふえ (Ui Ui no Fue) Dimitri's Flute Flûte de Dimitri Dimitris Flöte Flauta de Dimitri Flauto Dimitri
OoS Moosh's Flute Sprite.png
ムッシュのふえ (Musshu no Fue) Moosh's Flute Flûte de Moosh Bennys Flöte Flauta de Moosh Flauto Moosh
OoS Ricky's Flute Sprite.png
リッキーのふえ (Rikkī no Fue) Ricky's Flute Flûte de Ricky Rickys Flöte Flauta de Ricky Flauto Ricky
OoS Strange Flute Sprite.png
ヘンなふえ (Henna Fue) Strange Flute Flûte Étrange Seltsame Flöte Flauta Extraña Flauto Strano
OoS Gasha Seed Sprite.png
ガチャのタネ (Gacha no Tane) Gasha Seed Graine Gasha Gasha-Kern Semilla Gasha Seme Gasha
OoS Goron Vase Sprite.png
ゴロンつぼ (Goron Tsubo) Goron Vase Vase Goron Goronenvase Vasija Goron Vaso Goron
OoA Goronade Sprite.png
タフゴロン2001 (Tafu Goron 2001) Goronade Goronade Goronade Goronada Goronata
OoA Graveyard Key Sprite.png
はかばのカギ (Hakaba no Kagi) Graveyard Key Clé Cimetière Gruftschlüssel Llave Cementerio Chiave Cimitero
OoA Harp of Ages Sprite.png
時のたてごと (Toki no Tategoto) Harp of Ages Harpe des Ages Harfe der Zeit Arpa de los Tiempos Arpa del Tempo
OoA Switch Hook Sprite.png
いれかえフック (Irakae Hukku) Switch Hook Grappin Tausch-Haken Gancho Gancio Scambio
OoA Switch Hook Sprite.png
ロングいれかえフック (Rongu Irakae Hukku) Long Hook/Long Switch Grand Grappin/ Inverseur Fern-Tauscher Gancho Largo Gancio Lungo
OoA Island Chart Sprite.png
 (Mikajiki Shima no Umizu)
Island Chart Carte des Iles Seekarte Mapa de la Isla Mappa Isola
OoA Lava Juice Sprite.png
ヨーガンドリンク (Yōgan Dorinku) Lava Juice Jus de Lave Lavasaft Zumo de Lava Succo di Lava
OoA Letter of Introduction Sprite.png
しょうかいじょう (Shoukaijou) Letter of Introduction Lettre d'Introduction Vorstellungsbrief Carta de Recomendación Lettera di Presentazione
OoA Library Key Sprite.png
としょかんのカギ (Toshokan no Kagi) Library Key Clé Bibliothèque Büchereischlüssel Llave de la Biblioteca Chiave Biblio
OoS Magic Potion Sprite.png
まほうのクスリ (Mahou no Kusuri) Magic Potion Potion Magique Magieflasche Poción Mágica Pozione Magica
OoA Huge Maku Seed Sprite.png
マカの実 (Maka no Mi) Huge Maku Seed Graine Bojo Maku-Kern Semillia Maku Seme Maku
OoA Mermaid Key Sprite.png
にんぎょのカギ (Ningyo no Kagi) Mermaid Key Clé Sirène Nixenschlüssel Llave de la Sirena Chiave Sirena
OoA Old Mermaid Key Sprite.png
ふるいにんぎょのカギ (Furi Ningyo no Kagi) Old Mermaid Key Vielle Clé Sirène Alter Nixenschlüssel Antigua Llave de la Sirena Prechiave Sirena
OoA Mermaid Suit Sprite.png
にんぎょスーツ (Ningyo Sūtsu) Mermaid Suit Tenue de Sirène Nixenanzug Traje de Sirena Pelle di Sirena
OoS Power Bracelet Sprite.png
パワーブレスレット (Pawā Buresuretto) Power Bracelet Bracelet Force Kraftarmband Brazalete Fuerza Superbracciale
OoA Power Glove Sprite.png
パワフルグローブ (Pawafuru Gurōbu) Power Glove Bracelet Force Krafthandschuh Guante de Fuerza Guanti Muscolo
OoA Ricky's Gloves Sprite.png
リッキーグローブ (Rikkī Gurōbu) Ricky's Gloves Gant's de Ricky Rickys Handschuhe Guantes de Ricky Guanti di Ricky
OoS Ring Box L-1 Sprite.pngOoS Ring Box L-2 Sprite.pngOoS Ring Box L-3 Sprite.png
指輪の小箱 (Yubiwa no Shō Hako) Ring Box Boîte Anneaux Ring-Etui Caja de Anillos Portanelli
OoS Roc's Feather Sprite.png
ロックちょうのハネ (Rokku-chou no Hane) Roc's Feather Plume de Roc Greifenfeder Pluma de Roc Piuma di Roc
OoA Rock Brisket Sprite.png
カルビいわ (Karubi Iwa) Rock Brisket Steak de Roc Felsfilet Bistec de Roca Petto di Roccia
OoA Scent Seedling Sprite.png
イテテのなえ木 (Itete no Naeki) Scent Seedling Semis Parfum Duft-Setzling Brote de Esencia Piantina Odorosa
OoS Seed Satchel Sprite.png
木の実ぶく (Ki no Mi Baku) Seed Satchel Poche Graines Saatbeutel Saco de Semillas Sacco dei Semi
OoA Seed Shooter Sprite.png
まめでっぽう (Mame Deppou) Seed Shooter Lance-Graines Blasrohr Lanzasemillas Sparasemi
OoS Ember Seed Sprite.png
アチチの実 (Achichi no Mi) Ember Seed Graines Braise Glut-Kerne Semillas de Fuego Semi Ardenti
OoS Gale Seed Sprite.png
ピューの実 (Pyū no Mi) Gale Seed Graine Vent Sturm-Kerne Semillas Tifón Semi Burrasca
OoS Mystery Seed Sprite.png
ハテナの実 (Hatena no Mi) Mystery Seed Graine Mystère Arkanum-Kerne Semillias Misteriosas Semi Misteriosi
OoS Pegasus Seed Sprite.png
サッサの実 (Sassa no Mi) Pegasus Seed Graine Pégase Pegasus-Kerne Semillas Pegaso Semi Pegaso
OoS Scent Seed Sprite.png
イテテの実 (Itete no Mi) Scent Seed Graine Parfum Duft-Kerne Semillas Esencia Semi Profumati
OoS Shovel Sprite.png
スコップ (Sukoppu) Shovel Pelle Schaufel Pala Pala
OoA Slate Sprite.png
せきばん (Sekiban) Slate Ardoise Schiefertafel Pizarra Tavola
OoA Tokay Eyeball Sprite.png
トカゲのめだま (Tokage no Medama) Tokay Eyeball Oeil de Tokay Tokay-Glasauge Ojo de Tokay Bulbo Tokay
OoA Tune of Echoes Icon.png
やまびこのしらべ (Yamabiko no Shirabe) Tune of Echoes Chant des Échos Melodie des Echos Melodía del Eco Note dell'Eco
OoA Tune of Currents Icon.png
ながれのしらべ (Nagare no Shirabe) Tune of Currents Chants des Flux Lied des Zeitstroms Melodía de las Corrientes Note Correnti
OoA Tune of Ages Icon.png
ときのしらべ (Toki no Shirabe) Tune of Ages Chant du Temps Melodie der Zeit Melodía del Tiempo Note del Tempo
OoA Tuni Nut Sprite.png
ミノムの実 (Minomu no Mi) Tuni Nut Noix de Tuni Tuni-Gewinde Nuez de Tuni Noce Tuni
OoS Wooden Shield Sprite.png
木のたて (Ki no Tate) Wooden Shield Écu de Bois Holzschild Escudo de Madera Scudo di Legno
OoS Iron Shield Sprite.png
鉄のたて (Tetsu no Tate) Iron Shield Écu de Fer Eisenschild Escudo de Hierro Scudo di Ferro
OoS Mirror Shield Sprite.png
かがみのたて (Kagami no Tate) Mirror Shield Écu Miroir Spiegelschild Escudo Espejo Scudo Specchio
OoS Wooden Sword Sprite.png
ウッドソード (Uddo Sōdo) Wooden Sword Epée de Bois Holzschwert eines Helden Espada de Madera Spada di Legno
OoS Noble Sword Sprite.png
ホワイトソード (Howaito Sōdo) Noble Sword Epée Noble Edelschwert Espada Noble Spada Nobile
OoS Master Sword Sprite.png
マスターソード (Masutā Sōdo) Master Sword Epée Maître Master-Schwert Espada Maestra Spada Suprema
OoS Biggoron Sword Sprite.png
ダイゴロンとう (Daigoron Tō) Biggoron's Sword Epée Biggoron Biggoron-Schwert Espada de Biggoron Spada Biggoron
OoA Zora Scale Sprite.png
ゾーラのうろこ (Zōra no Uroko) Zora Scale Écaille des Zora Zora-Schuppe Escama de Zora Squama di Zora
OoS Zora's Flippers Sprite.png
ゾーラの水かき (Zōra no Mizukaki) Zora's Flippers Palmes Zora Zoras Flossen Aletas de Zora Pinne di Zora

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Essences of Time

Sprite Japanese English French German Spanish Italian
Oracle Of Ages - Eight Essences.png
時空のことわり (Jikū no Kotowari) Essences of Time Essences du Temps Essenzen der Zeit Esencias del Tiempo Essenze del Tempo
OoA Eternal Spirit Sprite.png
たましいのきおく (Tamashii no Kioku) Eternal Spirit Esprit Éternel Geist der Ewigkeit Espíritu Eterno Spirito Eterno
OoA Ancient Wood Sprite.png
もりのきおく (Mori no Kioku) Ancient Wood Bois Ancien Holz der Antike Bosque Antiguo Bosco Antico
OoA Echoing Howl Sprite.png
けもののきおく (Kemono no Kioku) Echoing Howl Hurlement Écho Stimme des Echos Aullido del Eco Urlo Echeggiante
OoA Burning Flame Sprite.png
ほのおのきおく (Honoo no Kioku) Burning Flame Flâme Brûlante Lodernde Flamme Llama Ardiente Fiamma Ardente
OoA Sacred Soil Sprite.png
つちのきおく (Tsuchi no Kioku) Sacred Soil Terre Sacrée Heilige Erde Tierra Sagrada Suolo Sacro
OoA Lonely Peak Sprite.png
山のきおく (Yama no Kioku) Lonely Peak Pic Solitaire Einsamer Gipfel Memoria de la Montaña Cima Solitaria
OoA Rolling Sea Sprite.png
海のきおく (Umi no Kioku) Rolling Sea Marée Tosende See Mar Agitado Mare Rotolante
OoA Falling Star Sprite.png
ほしのきおく (Hoshi no Kioku) Falling Star Étoile Tombante Sternschnuppe Estrella Fugaz Stella Cadente

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Trading Sequence Items

Sprite Japanese English French German Spanish Italian
OoA Poe Clock Sprite.png
ポゥのとけい (Pou no Tokei) Poe Clock Montre Poe Irrlicht-Uhr Reloj de Poe Orologio Poo
OoA Stationery Sprite.png
レターセット (Retā Setto) Stationery Papier à lettres Briefset Sobres Cartabella
OoA Stink Bag Sprite.png
ニオイぶくろ (Nioi Bakuro) Stink Bag Sac qui Pue Duftbeutel Bolsa Apestosa Borsa Olezzo
OoA Tasty Meat Sprite.png
デリシャスおにく (Derishosu Oniku) Tasty Meat Bonne Viande Knusperbraten Carne Sabrosa Carne Saporita
OoA Doggie Mask Sprite.png
わんこのおめん (Wanko no Omen) Doggie Mask Masque Chien Hundemaske Máscara de Perro Maschera Cane
OoA Dumbbell Sprite.png
鉄アレイ (Tetsu Arei) Dumbbell Haltère Hantel Pesa Manubrio
OoA Cheesy Mustache Sprite.png
げひんヒゲ (Gehin Hige) Cheesy Mustache Moustache au Fromage (cheese-flavored mustache) Klebebart (adhesive beard) Bigote Feo (ugly mustache) Baffi di Formaggio (mustache made of cheese)
OoA Funny Joke Sprite.png
大ウケするネタ (Dai Uke Suru Neta) Funny Joke Blague trop drôle Witz Chiste Gracioso Barzelletta
OoA Touching Book Sprite.png
おセンチえほん (Osenti Ehon) Touching Book Livre Émouvant Schundroman Libro Conmovedor Libro Commovente
OoA Magic Oar Sprite.png
まほうのオール (Mahō no Ōru) Magic Oar Rame Magique Zauberruder Remo Mágico Remo Magico
OoA Sea Ukulele Sprite.png
海のウクレレ (Umi no Ukerere) Sea Ukulele Ukulélé de Mer Meer-Ukulele Ukelele Marino Ukulele Mare
OoA Broken Sword Sprite.png
おれた剣 (Oreta Ken) Broken Sword Épée Brisée Kaputtes Schwert Espada Rota Spada Rotta

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Magic Rings

Sprite Japanese English French German Spanish Italian
OoS Magic Ring Unappraised Sprite.png
みかんていのゆびわ (Mi Kantei no Yubiwa) Magic Ring Anneau Magique Magischer Ring Anillo Mágico Anello Magico
OoS Friendship Ring Sprite.png
であいのゆびわ (Deai no Yubiwa) Friendship Ring Anneau Amitié Freundesring Amistad Anello Amicizia
OoS Power Ring L-1 Sprite.png
力のゆびわL-1 (Chikara no Yubiwa L-1) Power Ring L-1 Anneau Force N-1 Kraftring L-2 Fuerza N-1 Anello Potere L-1
OoS Power Ring L-2 Sprite.png
力のゆびわL-2 (Chikara no Yubiwa L-2) Power Ring L-2 Anneau Force N-2 Kraftring L-2 Fuerza N-2 Anello Potere L-2
OoS Power Ring L-3 Sprite.png
力のゆびわL-3 (Chikara no Yubiwa L-3) Power Ring L-3 Anneau Force N-3 Kraftring L-3 Fuerza N-3 Anello Potere L-3
OoS Armor Ring L-1 Sprite.png
まもりのゆびわL-1 (Mamori no Yubiwa L-1) Armor Ring L-1 Anneau Armure N-1 Rüstring L-1 Armadura N-1 Anello Armatura L-1
OoS Armor Ring L-2 Sprite.png
まもりのゆびわL-2 (Mamori no Yubiwa L-2) Armor Ring L-2 Anneau Armure N-2 Rüstring L-2 Armadura N-2 Anello Armatura L-2
OoS Armor Ring L-3 Sprite.png
まもりのゆびわL-3 (Mamori no Yubiwa L-3) Armor Ring L-3 Anneau Armure N-3 Rüstring L-3 Armadura N-3 Anello Armatura L-3
OoS Red Ring Sprite.png
あかいゆびわ (Akai Yubiwa) Red Ring Anneau Rouge Roter Ring Rojo Anello Rosso
OoS Blue Ring Sprite.png
あおいゆびわ (Aoi Yubiwa) Blue Ring Anneau Bleu Blauer Ring Azul Anello Blu
OoS Green Ring Sprite.png
みどりのゆびわ (Midori no Yubiwa) Green Ring Anneau Vert Grüner Ring Verde Anello Verde
OoS Cursed Ring Sprite.png
あくまのゆびわ (Akuma no Yubiwa) Cursed Ring Anneau Maudit Dämonenring Maldito Anello Maledetto
OoS Expert's Ring Sprite.png
たつじんのゆびわ (Tatsujin no Yubiwa) Expert's Ring Anneau Expert Meister-Ring Experto Anello Mastro
OoS Blast Ring Sprite.png
 (Kayaku no Yubiwa)
Blast Ring Anneau Blast Dyna-Ring Explosión Anello Boom
OoS Rang Ring L-1 Sprite.png
 (Būmeran no Yubiwa L-1)
Rang Ring L-1 Anneau Coupe N-1 Buma-Ring L-1 Bumerán N-1 Anello Rang L-1
OoS GBA Time Ring Sprite.png
 (Adobansu Yubiwa (Jikū)) *
GBA Time Ring Anneau Temps GBA GBA-Zeitring Tiempo GBA Anello Tempo GBA
OoS Maple's Ring Sprite.png
メイプルのゆびわ (Meipuru no Yubiwa) Maple's Ring Anneau de Maple Martha-Ring Maple Anello Maple
OoS Steadfast Ring Sprite.png
ふんばりゆびわ (Funbari Yubiwa) Steadfast Ring Anneau Résistance Widerstandsring Firmeza Anello Saldo
OoS Pegasus Ring Sprite.png
サッサのゆびわ (Sassa no Yubiwa) Pegasus Ring Anneau Pégase Pegasus-Ring Pegaso Anello Pegaso
OoS Toss Ring Sprite.png
ポイポイゆびわ (Poi-Poi Yubiwa) Toss Ring Anneau Lancer Katapult-Ring Lanzador Anello Lancio
OoS Heart Ring L-1 Sprite.png
ハートのゆびわL-1 (Hāto no Yubiwa L-1) Heart Ring L-1 Anneau Coeur N-1 Herzring L-1 Corazón N-1 Anel. Cuore L-1
OoS Heart Ring L-2 Sprite.png
ハートのゆびわL-2 (Hāto no Yubiwa L-2) Heart Ring L-2 Anneau Coeur N-2 Herzring L-2 Corazón N-2 Anel. Cuore L-2
OoS Swimmer's Ring Sprite.png
スイスイゆびわ (Sui-Sui Yubiwa) Swim Ring Anneau Nage Aqua-Ring Nadador An. Nuotatore
OoS Charge Ring Sprite.png
はやてのゆびわ (Hayate no Yubiwa) Charge Ring Anneau Charge Sturmring Carga Anello Carica
OoS Light Ring L-1 Sprite.png
ひかりのゆびわL-1 (Hikari no Yubiwa L-1) Light Ring L-1 Anneau Lumière N-1 Blitzring L-1 Luz N-1 Anello Luce L-1
OoS Light Ring L-2 Sprite.png
ひかりのゆびわL-2 (Hikari no Yubiwa L-2) Light Ring L-2 Anneau Lumière N-2 Blitzring L-2 Luz N-2 Anello Luce L-2
OoS Bomber's Ring Sprite.png
 (Daburu Bomu no Yubiwa)
Bomber's Ring Anneau Bombe Bombom-Ring Explosivo Anello Bomba
OoS Green Luck Ring Sprite.png
 (Yasuragi no Yubiwa Midori)
Green Luck Ring Anneau Chance Vert Divis-Ring Grün Verde de Suerte Fortuna Verde
OoS Blue Luck Ring Sprite.png
 (Yasuragi no Yubiwa Ao)
Blue Luck Ring Anneau Chance Bleu Divis-Ring Blau Azul de Suerte Fortuna Blu
OoS Gold Luck Ring Sprite.png
 (Yasuragi no Yubiwa Kiiro)
Gold Luck Ring Anneau Chance Or Divis-Ring Gold Oro de Suerte Fortuna Oro
OoS Red Luck Ring Sprite.png
 (Yasuragi no Yubiwa Aka)
Red Luck Ring Anneau Chance Rouge Divis-Ring Rot Rojo de Suerte Fortuna Rosso
OoS Green Holy Ring Sprite.png
聖なるゆびわ・みどり (Seinaru Yubiwa Midori) Green Holy Ring Anneau Sacré Vert Immun-Ring Grün Verde Sagrado Schermo Verde
OoS Blue Holy Ring Sprite.png
聖なるゆびわ・みどり (Seinaru Yubiwa Ao) Blue Holy Ring Anneau Sacré Bleu Immun-Ring Blau Azul Sagrado Schermo Blu
OoS Red Holy Ring Sprite.png
聖なるゆびわ・みどり (Seinaru Yubiwa Aka) Red Holy Ring Anneau Sacré Rouge Immun-Ring Rot Rojo Sagrado Schermo Rosso
OoS Snowshoe Ring Sprite.png
カンジキゆびわ (Kanjiki Yubiwa) Snowshoe Ring Anneau Après-Ski Eisschuh-Ring Hielo Anello Scarponi
OoS Roc's Ring Sprite.png
ロックちょうのゆびわ (Rokku-chou no Yubiwa) Roc's Ring Anneau de Roc Greifenring Roc Anello di Roc
OoS Quicksand Ring Sprite.png
りゅうさのゆびわ (Ryūsa no Yubiwa) Quicksand Ring Anneau Sable Mouvant Treibsand-Ring Arenas Sabbie mobili
OoS Red Joy Ring Sprite.png
しあわせのゆびわ・あか (
Shiawase no Yubiwa Aka
Red Joy Ring Anneau Joie Rouge Faktor-Ring Rot Rojo Alegría Anello Gioia Rosso
OoS Blue Joy Ring Sprite.png
 (Shiawase no Yubiwa Ao)
Blue Joy Ring Anneau Joie Bleu Faktor-Ring Blau Azul Alegría Anello Gioia Blu
OoS Gold Joy Ring Sprite.png
 (Shiawase no Yubiwa Kiiro)
Gold Joy Ring Anneau Joie Or Faktor-Ring Gold Dorado Alegría Anello Gioia Oro
OoS Green Joy Ring Sprite.png
 (Shiawase no Yubiwa Midori)
Green Joy Ring Anneau Joie Vert Faktor-Ring Grün Verde Alegría Anello Gioia Verde
OoS Discovery Ring Sprite.png
はっけんのゆびわ (Hakken no Yubiwa) Discovery Ring Anneau Découvert Gärtner-Ring Descubrimiento Anello Scoperta
OoS Rang Ring L-2 Sprite.png
 (Būmeran no Yubiwa L-2)
Rang Ring Anneau Coupe N-2 Buma-Ring L-2 Bumerán N-2 Anello Rang L-2
OoS Octo Ring Sprite.png
オクタのゆびわ (Okuta no Yubiwa) Octo Ring Anneau Octo Okto-Ring Octorok Annello Octo
OoS Moblin Ring Sprite.png
モブリンのゆびわ (Moburin no Yubiwa Moblin Ring Anneau Moblin Moblin-Ring Moblin Annello Moblin
OoS Like Like Ring Sprite.png
ライクのゆびわ (Raiku no Yubiwa) Like Like Ring Anneau Like Like Raubschleim-Ring Like Like Annello Like Like
OoS Subrosian Ring Sprite.png
ウーラのゆびわ (Ūra no Yubiwa) Subrosian Ring Anneau Subrosien Subrosia Anello Subrosiano
OoS First Gen Ring Sprite.png
しょだいのゆびわ (Shodai no Yubiwa) First Gen Ring Anneau 1er gen 8-Bit-Ring Primigenio Anello Origini
OoS Spin Ring Sprite.png
剣聖のゆびわ (Ken Sei no Yubiwa) Spin Ring Anneau Cyclone Wirbelring Círculo Anello Vortice
OoS Bombproof Ring Sprite.png
花火のゆびわ (Hanabi no Yubiwa) Bombproof Ring Anneau Res. Bombes Panzerring Resistencia Anello Antibomba
OoS Energy Ring Sprite.png
ビームのゆびわ (Bīmu no Yubiwa) Energy Ring Anneau Energie Energie-Ring Energía Anello Energia
OoS Dbl. Edged Ring Sprite.png
もろはのゆびわ (Moroha no Yubiwa) Dbl. Edged Ring Anneau Damoclès Duoklingen-Ring Doble Filo Doppio Taglio
OoS GBA Nature Ring Sprite.png
 (Adobansu Yubiwa (Daichi)) *
GBA Nature Ring Anneau Nature GBA GBA-Natur-Ring Naturaleza GBA Anello Natura GBA
OoS Slayer's Ring Sprite.png
 (Mamono no Kirā Yubiwa)
Slayer's Ring Anneau Tueur Courage-Ring Asesino Anello Annientatore
OoS Rupee Ring Sprite.png
だいふごうのゆびわ (Daifugō no Yubiwa) Wealth Ring Anneau Rubis Rubinring Rupias Anello Rupie
OoS Victory Ring Sprite.png
クリアのゆびわ (Kuria no Yubiwa) Victory Ring Anneau Victoire Siegesring Victoria Anello Vittoria
OoS Sign Ring Sprite.png
かんばんのゆびわ (Kanban no Yubiwa) Sign Ring Anneau Pancarte Schilder-Ring Letreros Anello Cartello
OoS 100th Ring Sprite.png
かんてい100ゆびわ (Kantei 100 Yubiwa) 100th Ring Anneau 100ème 100er-Ring Anillo 100 Anello 100
OoS Whisp Ring Sprite.png
ウィスプのゆびわ (Uisupu no Yubiwa) Whisp Ring Anneau Whisp Feenring Whisp Anello Whisp
OoS Gasha Ring Sprite.png
ガチャのゆびわ (Gacha no Yubiwa) Gasha Ring Anneau Gasha Gasha-Ring Gasha Anello Gasha
OoS Peace Ring Sprite.png
あんしんのゆびわ (Anshin no Yubiwa) Peace Ring Anneau Paix Friedens-Ring De la Paz Anello Pace
OoS Zora Ring Sprite.png
ゾーラのゆびわ (Zōra no Yubiwa) Zora Ring Anneau Zora Zora-Ring Zora Anello Zora
OoS Fist Ring Sprite.png
コブシのゆびわ (Kobushi no Yubiwa) Fist Ring Anneau Poing Schlag-Ring Puño Anello Pugno
OoS Whimsical Ring Sprite.png
きまぐれのゆびわ (Kimagure no Yubiwa) Whimsical Ring Anneau Fantasque Irr-Ring Caprichoso Anello Bizzarro
OoS Protection Ring Sprite.png
1ダメージゆびわ (1 Damēji Yubiwa) Protection Ring Anneau Protection Mono-Ring Protector Anello Protezione

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* In Japan, Oracle of Ages is the "Chapter of Space-Time" and Oracle Seasons is the "Chapter of Earth". Therefore, these could be translated as "Advance Ring (Ages)" and "Advance Ring (Seasons)".


The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons: US/Japan Changes FAQ, GameFAQs

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