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The following page is a list of the names of every enemy and boss appearing in Oracle of Ages in every release of the game. Oracle of Ages has been released in the following languages:

  • Japanese
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Italian

Empty cells indicate there is no given name for the particular enemy in that language.



Sprite Japanese English French German Spanish Italian
Giant Ghini OOA.png
デグギーニ (Degu Giini) Giant Ghini
ウインギー (Uingī) Swoop
OoA Subterror Sprite.png
ドッグラー (Doggurā) Subterror
Armos Warrior 2.png
ムジューン (Mujūn) Armos Warrior
OoA Smasher Sprite.png
ジャッキー (Jakkī) Smasher
LADX Vire Sprite.png
バイア (Baia) Vire Vire Vire Vire Vire
Angler Fish OOA.png
フックレイ (Fukkurei) Angler Fish Piranha-Killer
Blue Stalfos.png
デスタルフォス (Desutarufosu) Blue Stalfos

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Sprite Japanese English French German Spanish Italian
OoA Pumpkin Head Sprite.png
ハーロン (Hāron) Pumpkin Head Kürbiskopf Testa di Zucca
Head Thwomp.gif
グルン (Gurun) Head Thwomp Super Steinklotz Testa di Twomp
Shadow Hag.png
影オババ (Kage Obaba) Shadow Hag Schattenhexe Strega d'Ombra
Eyesoar OOA.png
パタラ (Patara) Eyesoar Fliegendes Auge Occhi Fluttuanti
バロム (Baromu) Smog Smog Smog
オクタゴン (Okutagon) Octogon Oktopus Octogon
Plasmarine Blue.png
プラズマリン (Purazumarin) Plasmarine Zappelqualle Plasmarino
ゴーリガン (Gōrigan) Ramrock Mutierter Felsbrocken Ramrock
Veran Fairy.png
ベラン (Beran) Veran Veran Veran Veran Veran
ツインローバ (Tsuinrōba) Twinrova Twinrova Twinrovas Birova Duerova
OoA Ganon Sprite.png
ガノン (Ganon) Ganon Ganon Ganon Ganon Ganon

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