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Ook is the Sub-Boss of the Forest Temple in Twilight Princess.[3]


Ook is the leader of the Monkeys of Faron Woods, who is being controlled by a parasite.[2] He is first seen when he cuts down a bridge across a chasm with the Gale Boomerang in the Forest Temple.[4] Later, when Link enters his chamber, he finds the primate standing atop a pillar. Ook then swings his Gale Boomerang at several Baba Serpents hanging from the ceiling, then taunts Link by spanking his bottom, and initiates a battle with him. After the battle, Ook's parasitic mite is destroyed and he returns to normal, and he later returns to help Link battle Diababa, the dungeon's boss. He aids in the fight by swinging across the room on a rope carrying Bomblings for Link to use against Diababa.[5]


Midna's Comment:
TPHD Midna Artwork.png
"Based on his size, he looks like the boss monkey...but those other ones were friendly. He looks pretty hostile! We're on a very important mission here, so knock down anything that gets in your way!"
Midna's Comment:
TPHD Midna Artwork.png
Ook (asked again)
"Hey! If you have time to talk, hurry up and take that guy down! That guy's dancing at the top of that pillar! I think he's making fun of you! While that fool is up there dancing, that's your chance to take him down..."
Midna's Comment:
TPHD Midna Artwork.png
Ook (asked a third time)
"You still don't get it? When that guy's at the top of a pillar, shake it to knock him down!"

Ook throws his Gale Boomerang at Link while jumping across several pillars in the center of the room. The Baba Serpents that Ook cuts off from the ceiling will chase after Link after they hit the ground. Dodging Ook's Boomerang is easy, but getting him down from the pillars is a little more difficult. After he throws his Boomerang, Link must dodge it, then ram the pillar he is standing on. This will cause Ook to lose his balance and get knocked off the pillar by his own Boomerang when it comes back. Once Ook has fallen, his bottom becomes vulnerable. After slashing at him a couple of times, he cuts down more Baba Serpents from the ceiling to attack Link. Once he is defeated, it is revealed that a gigantic mite on his head was controlling him. Defeating him also yields the Gale Boomerang.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ウーク (Ūku) Ook
French Republic FrenchEU Alpha
Federal Republic of Germany German Ook
Italian Republic Italian Ook
Kingdom of Spain SpanishEU Uku



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