The Oocca Shop is a shop from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. It is located in the City in the Sky, and is run by an Oocca. It is the only shop in the series located inside of a dungeon. The Oocca Shop is filled with bizarre examples of Oocca technology, including a miniature Sky Cannon. The shopkeeper, when first addressed, speaks only in the Oocca Language. When it realizes Link is a Hylian, it switches to the Hylian Language. The shopkeeper will also sell Link items even while he is in his Wolf form. The store is stocked with items such as Bombs and Arrows, which the shopkeeper ordered before realizing they could not be used by Oocca.


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After Link arrives in the City in the Sky with Ooccoo, they are attacked by a dragon named Argorok. The shopkeeper runs from the shop and informs Ooccoo that the dragon has been wreaking havoc on the city. Ooccoo and the shopkeeper hide in the shop while Link traverses the dungeon. Link can visit the Oocca Shop to either buy items or ask for Ooccoo's help. Unlike in previous dungeons, she cannot actually teleport Link out of the City in the Sky. Rather, she can transport him back to the Oocca Shop to restock on items. However, if Link goes outside after shopping instead of using Ooccoo, she will greet him there, thus nullifying his return point.

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Item Price
30 Arrows 30 Rupees
Blue Potion 100 Rupees
30 Bombs 90 Rupees
Lantern Oil 20 Rupees
Red Potion 30 Rupees
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