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Omfak (pronounced /ˈɒmfæk/ OM-fak)[1] is the sixth boss in The Wand of Gamelon.[name reference needed] He is located in the Shrine of Gamelon.


Omfak is a minion of Ganon. He is a gluttonous, shape-shifting creature who oversees the Shrine of Gamelon where he guards the Wand of Gamelon.[1] He is able to morph his likeness between three forms: a wolf, lion, and a pair of gigantic, exaggerated lips. He claims to devour anything he sees, and demonstrates this by killing and eating a bird. After Zelda defeats him, he explodes into a flock of black birds.


During the battle, Omfak rotates between his three forms. In his wolf form, Omfak procures star-shaped lasers. In his lion form, he shoots fireballs. His "lips" form is the only period where he is vulnerable to the Sword, and is defeated in a single strike.


  • Omfak is similar to The Faces of Evil boss Glutko. Both are plot-significant bosses who guard items at a Shrine that are necessary to defeat Ganon, and are known for their gluttonous behavior. He is also similar to the boss Lupay, as both are penultimate bosses before Ganon that resemble anthropomorphic wolves.
  • Omfak is a unique enemy in The Wand of Gamelon as he is the only boss in the game who does not share his AI with another enemy.



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