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Ollie is a character in Breath of the Wild.[1]


Ollie is the rather timid innkeeper of the Shuteye Inn in Kakariko Village. He is often found sleeping at the desk, and is startled awake when Link approaches him.[2] After regaining his senses, Ollie tells Link about the inn's services.[3] When the hero asks about the soft bed, Ollie tells him it is stuffed with premium Cucco feathers, and that he will feel more energized than usual if he sleeps in it.[4] When Link picks a time to be woken, Ollie quietly wonders if he will even be awake at that time.[5][6] If Link decides to leave instead, Ollie will be a little disappointed.[7]


  • Ollie's name is a combination of the married couple Olkin and Mellie, who are also Sheikah.


Ollie is derived from Olive.

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