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Olkin is a character in Breath of the Wild.[2]


Olkin is a member of the Sheikah tribe who lives in Kakariko Village with his wife, Mellie. When Link first meets him, he'll remark on how unusual it is to have someone Link's age around.[3] After a moment of hesitation, Olkin jumps into a defensive position and startles Link, wondering if he is perhaps a member of the Yiga.[4] Pausing for another moment, Olkin relaxes and admits it was a joke.[5] He then takes a moment to explain who the Yiga are and where their loyalties lie.[6] Olkin mentions that they are more active after the rise of the Sheikah Towers,[7] but assures Link that he does not think the Hylian is involved with them.[8] Olkin asks that Link forgive him for his little joke and gifts him with a Fortified Pumpkin.[9] He explains that the Fortified Pumpkin is one that he grew and is part of Kakariko's heritage.[10]

In the morning, Olkin will make his way to his field to work and believes Link is a customer.[11] Olkin will be in his field throughout the day, tending to his Fortified Pumpkins. If Link speaks to him, he will tell him about how Mellie will cook them for him every day.[12] Link can ask him to explain and Olkin will tell him how Fortified Pumpkins increase defense.[13] If Link instead bids him farewell, Olkin will mention Steen and bring up their differing views.[14] Examining a Fortified Pumpkin in the field causes Olkin to ask if he would like to purchase it.[15] If Link comes by the field while Olkin is away, he'll note how nice the pumpkins are, but realizes he should not take one without paying.[16]

In the evening, Olkin will be waiting while his wife cooks dinner using their Fortified Pumpkins.[17] At night, Olkin can be found running around the Village. If Link stops him to talk, he will be surprised that someone else is out so late,[18] but will explain his own reasons for being awake.[19] Once he brings up the secret art of defense,[20] Link can ask him to clarify and Olkin will tell him about the Ancient Shrine above the Village.[21] Olkin believes that the trial of the shrine will eventually come to him, so he trains to stay prepared.[22] If Link chooses not to ask about the secret art and instead bids him goodbye, Olkin will once more bring up Steen and their rivalry of opinion.[23] At 3 in the morning, Olkin will stop to finally go to bed.[24]

When he is at home, Olkin will still comment on Steen's opinions.[25] In his sleep, he will murmur about how pumpkins are superior and how he wishes to protect Mellie.[26][27]


Both his English and French names, Olkin and Tiron, come from pumpkin in each of those languages: Pumpkin and Potiron. This references the fact that he grows Fortified Pumpkins.

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