"But it's been our lifelong dream to sell Big Bomb Bags since back in your Daddy's day. Since we can't get the Goron-made goods, this was our big chance, sonny!"
— Old Lady from Bomb Shop

The Old Lady from Bomb Shop is an unnamed character who runs the Bomb Shop in West Clock Town in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. She is one of the twenty people in the Bombers' Notebook.


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The old lady runs the Bomb Shop with her son, whose name is never revealed in the game. Though unseen, she spends the First Day gathering Bomb Bags to stock the store. Just after 12:00 A.M. on the night of the First Day, she carries the Bomb Bags she has collected through North Clock Town. At this point, the thief Sakon approaches her and manages to snatch the bag she was carrying. Link can help the old lady by stopping Sakon from running off with the Bomb Bags.

After Sakon has taken the bag, Link can slash him with his sword or punch him while in Goron form, causing him to drop the stolen property and flee. As a reward, the old lady presents Link with the Blast Mask; furthermore, the Bomb Shop is finally able to stock bigger Bomb Bags. Sakon can also be stopped if Link uses a projectile weapon on him; however, this will cause the volatile cargo to explode, leaving Link with no reward. If Link does not manage to stop Sakon from stealing the old lady's Bomb Bags, they will be on sale at the Curiosity Shop from the night of the Second Day onwards, for a higher price than the Bomb Shop would offer.

During the end credits sequence, the old lady can be seen celebrating together with her son in the streets of West Clock Town, directly outside the Bomb Shop.

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