"Oh! Thanks for what you did back there! As a special just for you, I'll let you take this cruise for free. Oh, but wait... It seems the poison swamp has been cleaned up, so why not try something that's more interesting? How about a little game? I'll fly around on my broom, and you try to hit my target?"

Old Koume's Boat Cruise, also known as the Southern Swamp Cruise, is a tourist attraction from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. It is run out of the Swamp Tourist Center by Koume. As its title implies, the attraction features a boat cruise through the Southern Swamp, with a stop at the Deku Palace. It also features a Pictograph contest, with the nicest photograph winning a prize, given out by the Guide.

After Link defeats Odolwa in the Woodfall Temple, a new aspect to Old Koume's Boat Cruise is added; Koume starts a target-shooting mini-game in which she flies around on a broomstick holding a target below her while Link tries to shoot at the target while he avoids shooting Koume. Surprisingly, it is possible to hit both Koume and one of her targets at the same time. If Link hits over twenty targets by the end of the game, and has not hit Koume over ten times, he will be awarded with a Piece of Heart.

In the 3DS remake, if Link successfully completes the target-shooting minigame, Koume will give him a Bottle instead of a Piece of Heart. This Piece of Heart can instead be found in a grave at the Ikana Graveyard on the final night.

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