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Not to be confused with Kasuto.

Old Kasuto,[1] also simply known as Kasuto,[2][note 1] is a location in The Adventure of Link.

Features and Overview

Old Kasuto was attacked and destroyed by monstrous Moas, forcing its people to flee,[4] although one Old Man stayed behind.[5] Upon Link's first arrival to Old Kasuto, the Moas who have taken over the town are invisible to him, and only by possessing the Cross can the young hero see these flying creatures. The Old Man who is left here informs Link that the town is deserted, and that he must look in the woods to the east in order to find the new village of Kasuto.[6] Once Link has obtained all of the eight Magic Containers, the Old Man will reward him with his most powerful magic yet, the Thunder spell. Link can also find a hint on the location of the Magical Key written on a wall in one of the empty houses.[7]

Minor Enemies


  • The original Japanese text written on the wall in Old Kasuto reads: "マホウノ カギハ カストノ タカラ ト カイテアル" when read from top to bottom.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name
Japan Japanese カスト (Kasuto)
Federal Republic of Germany German Alte Stadt Kasuto


See Also


  1. Old Kasuto was referred to as Old Kasuto Town on Zelda.com's encyclopedia.[3] However, as this contradicts the names given in-game, it is not considered Canon.


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