Offrak is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. He is a young Goron child who sells Fireproof Elixirs to tourists visiting Goron City in the Eldin Canyon region.


Offrak sells Fireproof Elixirs and unlike most merchants/shops he has a unlimited stock, however he only sells them in singles, though after purchasing one he will ask Link if he wishes to purchase another. He is unable to sell them to Link if Link's "Cooking" inventory is full. Offrak tends to roll around Goron City during the day, though he rests at Protein Palace at night. Interestingly, if Link refuses to purchase any Fireproof Elixirs, Offrak will let slip that they can be made by cooking Fireproof Lizards with monster parts.

Item Stock Price (Rupee)
Fireproof Elixir Unlimited 60
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