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Offering Help on the Road is a side quest in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity.

Offering Help on the Road
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Prerequisite(s)Akkala Tower (Scenario)
Location Gerudo Desert
Reward 9000 rupees
Qualify for the Trial of the Great Fairies


Offering Help on the Road is a side quest that can be unlocked after completing the Scenario, "Akkala Tower (Scenario)." It can be found in the Gerudo Desert, west of Gerudo Town and the side quest requires that the character gives 4,500 rupees in exchange for qualifying for the Trial of the Great Fairies.[1] However, once you complete the side quest, the character will earn double the amount of rupees, with a total of 9,000 rupees.[2]

Once this is completed, three side quests will be unlocked: Fairy Fountain: Grassy Plains, Fairy Fountain: Deep Snows, and Fairy Fountain: Desert Sands.

  1. Materials Needed: 4,500 rupees: Quest requirements
  2. "The traveler came back to Gerudo Town after making the offering to the Great Fairy, and rewarded you with double what you gave him! May travelers always be so blessed."-Quest Complete Text