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Octogon is the Boss of Mermaid's Cave, the sixth Dungeon in Oracle of Ages.[1]


Octogon is a variant of an Octorok battled in a water-filled room with a narrow strip of land in the center, on which there are two Jars that drop Scent Seeds when broken. Octogon circles the room while facing away from Link, using its large shell as a shield against Link's attacks. When Octogon turns around to spit a rock, Link can use his Sword or Seed Shooter to strike the Boss in the face. The Seed Shooter can also be used to bounce Seeds off the walls and damage Octogon while it faces away from Link.

After being hit several times, Octogon will partially submerge in the water while still circling the room, forcing Link to follow it underwater with the aid of the Mermaid Suit. If Link remains above water while Octogon is submerged, or vice versa, Octogon will begin to shoot fireballs from its blowhole, which rain back down and split into multiple fireballs.

When both Link and the Boss are underwater, it will begin to attack by chasing and ramming into Link. Periodically it will spit an air bubble which entraps Link for several seconds if hit by it. Link can damage Octogon with the Seed Shooter as he attempts to swim away from it. After several more hits, Octogon returns to the water's surface to repeat its plan of attack. Once Octogon is defeated, a Heart Container appears and the door to the Lonely Peak is opened.


  • Through the use of a glitch, Link can damage Octogon with his Sword while the Boss is submerged.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese オクタゴン (Okutagon) Octogon
Federal Republic of Germany German Oktopus Octopus

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