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Octoball Derby
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Lorule counterpart of the Haunted Grove

Octoball Derby is a minigame in A Link Between Worlds.[1] It is run by the Derby Boy, the Derby Girl, and Octo.


During the minigame, an Octorok named Octo will pitch 30 balls that Link tries to hit into pots to smash them. Hitting a red pot will score one point, while hitting a gold pot will score five points. Upon three consecutive hits, a Crow will appear, which awards 20 points if hit. Failing to hit a target will interrupt the streak. Hitting a Sand Crab will respawn all pots. Hitting Octo will cause an instant pitch (as long as there is still a ball left), leaving little reaction time.

Link aims his pitches using the timing of his hit and his stance. Hitting the ball early causes it to go to the right; conversely, hitting it later causes it to go to the left. Link has three possible stances: leaning back, neutral, and leaning forward. Link can lean forward by pushing the circle pad up, causing the ball to roll along the ground; he can lean back by pushing the circle pad down, causing the ball to fly up high. Leaving the vertical axis of the circle pad in neutral position keeps Link in his neutral stance.

For each point scored Link will win receive a Rupee. If 100 or more points are scored, a Piece of Heart will also be awarded.


  • If Link has a Rod equipped to his first item slot, he will use it instead of the stick.
  • Despite Octoball Derby taking place in Lorule, the enemy species used in the game are more common in Hyrule.


The Octoball Derby's English name is an allusion to a Home run derby. The minigame's Spanish and French names in the North American version of the game appear to imply their location being a sports stadium.

TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese オクタ球場 (Okuta Kyūjō) Octo Stadium
Canada FrenchCA Stade d'octoball Octoball stadium
Federal Republic of Germany German Oktoball Octoball
Republic of Korea Korean 옥타 구장 (Ogta Gujang) Octa Ball
Community of Latin American and Caribbean States SpanishLA Octoestadio Octostadium


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