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Octavo is a boss and playable character in Cadence of Hyrule.[3]


Octavo is a musician and magician who played for the King of Hyrule. Fearing the return of Ganon, Octavo bewitched the King of Hyrule and attempted to steal the Triforce. However, upon being touched, the Triforce split. Despite this, Octavo was able to enchant his Lute and transform it into the Golden Lute, granting him more power. Using this power, Octavo sealed Hyrule Castle, cursed the inhabitants of Kingdom of Hyrule to follow a rhythm,[4][5] and summoned an army of monsters across Kingdom of Hyrule. He also placed various Instruments deep within the dungeons of Kingdom of Hyrule to prepare Four Champions who could combat Ganon.

In addition to bewitching the King of Hyrule,[6] he also bewitched Barriara to fall asleep in Gerudo Village,[7] froze Lake Hylia,[8] and summoned monsters to the Kakariko Crypt.[9] To create the Golden Lute, Octavo stole the Threads of Wisdom,[10] Courage,[11] and Power from the Fates.[12]

Octavo can be encountered at the end of four elemental dungeons in Kingdom of Hyrule, attempting to infuse the elements into his Instruments to create his Four Champions. When he is first encountered, Octavo challenges Cadence, Link, Yves, or Zelda in combat against his first Champion.[13] When met for a second time, he vows to not make the same mistake as before, pitting the heroes against his second Champion.[14] During the third meeting with Octavo, he insists that the heroes will never be capable of fending off Ganon.[15] In the fourth meeting, Octavo reveals that he is attempting to amass an army to fight Ganon and summons his final Champion in an attempt to make the heroes recognize this.[16]

After the four Instruments have been collected and Hyrule Castle has been infiltrated, Octavo greets the heroes and forcibly reclaims his Instruments to empower himself.[17] He then questions if the heroes can prove to be his Champions instead, prompting them to battle him.[18]

Upon Octavo's defeat, a Portal will appear and spirit away the Golden Lute. Octavo will blame the heroes for this and lament that Ganon cannot be defeated without it.[19] He then travels to the Future World, 25 years forward to a time when Ganon has taken Kingdom of Hyrule.[20] In the hopes of stopping Ganon, Octavo challenges him to combat, only to lose.[21] Octavo is not seen after the defeat of Ganon.


Octavo is fought on a stage surrounded by monsters and possessed Guards. Using the power of the Golden Lute, Octavo summons monsters by channeling the various Instruments at his command. When these monsters have been exhausted, he will switch Instruments. Upon exhausting the Glockenspiel, Bass Guitar, Maracas, and the Oboe, Octavo will summon random sets of monsters with the Golden Lute until he has sustained enough damage. When he is struck after summoning random monsters, damage will be dealt to the Golden Lute, which has six Hearts. In addition to summoning monsters, Octavo can conjure rows of magical Swords or Hammers in purple or green to damage Link and Zelda respectively. Octavo can also summon fireballs, which he casts in the shape of a chevron.

After the Golden Lute has been dealt enough damage, a Portal will appear. The Golden Lute will fall into the Portal, ending the battle.




Octavo's name is derived from octave, an interval between harmonic pitches of different frequencies. His name is also reminiscent of the original NecroDancer, Octavian.

TMC Forest Minish Artwork Names in other regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite
JapanJapaneseオクターヴォ (Okutāvo)
ChinaChineseSI奥克塔波 (Àokètǎbō)
Taiwan, Hong Kong, MacaoChineseTR奧克塔波 (Àokètǎbō)
South KoreaKorean옥타보 (Ogtabo)
Latin AmericaSpanishLAOctavio
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