Ocean Sanctuary Sprite

The Ocean Sanctuary, also known as the Island Sanctuary, is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. There, Carben and Link must play the "Lokomo Song" in order to restore the majority of the Spirit Tracks in the Ocean Realm.

Puzzles in the Ocean Sanctuary include statues and using the "Song of Birds". Also, a Stamp Station can be found on the Ocean Sanctuary.


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Ocean Sanctuary

Inside the Ocean Sanctuary

After obtaining the Ocean Realm Rail Map, Link seeks out Carben at the Ocean Sanctuary. However, Carben has instead left for a visit to Papuchia Village. Link must then go to the village to find Carben and transport him back to the Ocean Sanctuary so Carben and he can play the "Lokomo Song" that will restore the Spirit Tracks. Carben will give Link a map so that he can reach the Ocean Temple underwater. At the three locations Link must blow the Spirit Train's whistle to make the orbs glow so the train can enter the Ocean Temple.

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