The Ocean Realm, also known as Ocean Land, is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. A region of New Hyrule, it is home to the Lost at Sea Station, Ocean Sanctuary, Ocean Temple, Papuchia Village and Pirate Hideout. Also, part of the Sand Realm is found on the Ocean Realm Rail Map. A smaller and simpler set of Spirit Tracks leading from the Tower of Spirits to the Ocean Sanctuary, as well as the bridge to the Forest Realm, can be found when Link obtains the Rail Map for this area. Also, a set of Spirit Tracks that lead under the surface of the water to the Ocean Floor can be found in the Ocean Realm. Three Space-time Gates can be found in the Ocean Realm. Interestingly, Dolphins swim alongside the Spirit Train while in the Ocean Realm.


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After obtaining the Ocean Realm Rail Map and after the Bridge Worker repairs the bridge, Link can travel to the Ocean Realm to seek out Carben, the Lokomo sage that will help him restore the remaining Spirit Tracks in the realm. However, when Link arrives at the Ocean Sanctuary, Carben is not there. A note left by Carben tells Link that Carben left to visit Papuchia Village. Link travels to Papuchia Village to find Carben up flying with the birds and deaf to his calls. Link then must play the "Song of Birds" to cause the birds to lower Carben to the ground.

Link then travels with Carben to the Ocean Sanctuary; on the way, they are attacked by a band of pirates. Carben comes to no harm thanks to Link, and the two make it safely back to the Ocean Sanctuary. After playing the "Lokomo Song" with Carben, Link and Princess Zelda travel to the Ocean Temple where they defeat the evil Phytops and restore a new section of the Tower of Spirits.

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