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The Obstacle Course is a Mini-Game in Breath of the Wild.[2]

Location and Rules[]

The Obstacle Course is operated by Blynne at the Highland Stable. It can be played by speaking to him outside the Stable while riding a tame Horse and accepting his challenge to see who is the better rider.[3][4][5] After Link pays the 20 Rupee fee to play, Blynne will set up the obstacles for the Mini-Game throughout Fural Plain.

Blynne explains that the goal of the Obstacle Course is to navigate all ten Obstacles as quick as possible.[6] He guarantees that it will teach Link how to ride his Horses better.[7] The difficult part is being able to control one's Horse, instead of riding as fast as possible.[8] He offers Link Horse Gear if he can beat his time.[9]

Blynne will refuse to start the Mini-Game if the necessary conditions are not met. If Link attempts to speak to him without being atop a Horse, Blynne will tell Link to mount one and come back.[10] Blynne will reject Link if he is riding atop an unregistered Horse, telling Link to handle the paperwork at a Stable first.[11] Additionally, if Link attempts to challenge Blynne while riding atop anything other than a Horse, Blynne will emphasize that the Mini-Game is exclusively meant for Horses.[12] If it is Raining, Blynne will not be in the mood to run the Course.[13] However, if it starts Raining while Link is attempting the Course, Blynne will still ask if he wants to try again.

Before Link starts the Obstacle Course, Blynne asks if he wants to hear the rules.[14] He explains that Link needs to ride his Horse around Fural Plain while jumping over all of the Obstacles.[15] Link is not allowed to cross the finish line until he has jumped over all 10.[16] Additionally, Link will be disqualified if he dismounts his Horse.[17] Blynne informs him that his best time is 1 minute and 15 seconds,[18] though he suggests trying to complete the Course in 1 minute and 30 seconds.[19]

Blynne will only reward Link with encouragement if he completes the Obstacle Course with any time over 2 minutes.[20] If Link finishes the Course between 1 minute and 30 seconds and 2 minutes, Blynne will give him a Swift Carrot.[21][note 1] When Link completes the Obstacle Course between 1 minute and 15 seconds and 1 minute and 30 seconds, Blynne rewards him with the Extravagant Bridle.[22][note 2] If Link beats Blynne's time, Blynne will give him the Extravagant Saddle.[23][note 3]


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  1. If Link has at least one Swift Carrot in his Inventory, Blynne will instead give him a Red Rupee, valued at 20 Rupees.
  2. If Link already owns the Extravagant Bridle but does not have any Endura Carrots in his Inventory, Blynne will give an Endura Carrot instead. If Link also has at least one Endura Carrot, he will receive a Purple Rupee, valued at 50 Rupees.
  3. If Link already owns the Extravagant Saddle, Blynne will give the Extravagant Bridle instead. If Link also has the Extravagant Bridle, he will receive a Silver Rupee, valued at 100 Rupees.


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