"Oasis flight...right? So here you go, one of our secret options not available to the general public..."

The Oasis Flight is an event from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. It is the title that Fyer gives to his special cannon ride after Link presents him with Auru's Memo. Instead of giving Link the standard Human-cannonball Ride by launching him to Falbi's shack on a cliff overlooking Lake Hylia, Fyer will launch Link to the Gerudo Desert free of charge (every proceeding trip will cost 10 Rupees). He does this only because Auru saved him in some way in the past that is unbeknownst to Link, and he does this favor for Link to repay this debt, this service being normally unavailable. With this help from Fyer, Link can traverse the Gerudo Desert and gain access to Arbiter's Grounds.

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