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Nortinka is a location in The Faces of Evil.[1] Along with Crater Cove and Goronu, it is one of the game's starting areas.

Features and Overview

Nortinka is a frozen, mountain region in the northwest of Koridai. It is densely covered in snow and dotted with igloos, where the region's inhabitants live. A snow-covered mountain stands over the land, where Aypo the reader's library is located at its summit. Following Ganon's siege, the region has become overrun with Moblin Spearthrowers and Goriyas, some of which now reside in the igloos. The Moblins in the region carry Snowballs, which are dropped after they are defeated.

Immediately where Link enters is a tall, igloo-like structure sitting on a hill. The elderly woman Hamsha lives inside, who for unknown reasons, has been frozen solid as a result of Ganon freezing an unspecified fountain.[2] Link can throw a Firestone to thaw her, who then rewards the hero with Water of Life. If Link owns a Canteen, Hamsha will also refill it for him. However, she freezes again shortly after, but can be thawed again any time necessary. A door in her basement leads to the mountain side, but it is initially locked. Its Key lies inside of a ruined igloo to the far left, but Moblins attempt to corner Link as he enters.

The mountain road is inhabited by Abominoms that attack Link with stones. Their sole weakness are to Firestones. Flying Deadites and falling icicles also attempt to impede on Link's progress. At the very top of the summit is Aypo's library. Inside, the reader offers to read the Book of Koridai once Link obtains it. When Link brings it to him, Aypo reveals that the book is the only thing that can defeat Ganon. A Triforce Map in the library takes Link back to the world map screen. After completing the stage, Toyku Lighthouse is unlocked.

Minor Enemies and Traps



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