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"The icehouse is an ice depository that was made by digging a hole in the ground. It sounds like they cut ice from the nearby Gerudo Highlands, take it there, and store it. Go out the main gate and head left. First you'll see some ruins... Just go past them and you'll see the icehouse."

The Northern Icehouse is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is ran by the Gerudo Anche and is where The Noble Canteen gets its ice from. The icehouse is located at the end of the ruins north Gerudo Town. According to the Hylian Jules, the Gerudo cut the ice from the cold and snowy Gerudo Highlands near the desert and then store it in the icehouse.

In the back of the Icehouse there is a Golden Bow frozen in chunk of ice which Link can melt using a source of fire such as Fire Arrows or Fire Elemental weapons. However Anche will stop Link if he tries it during the day, thus Link must do so at night when she is asleep. Once the ice chunk is melted, Link can obtain the Golden Bow which will occasionally respawn, albeit it no longer frozen. Anche stops Link from using fire to prevent it from melting the ice, though ironically Link can only melt the ice chunk containing the Golden Bow, while the ice blocks remain frozen. If Link sets a campfire in the Icehouse while Anche is asleep, exits the Icehouse, walks past a pillar and then returns to the entrance, Anche gasps, and says "Fire?! WHO DID THAT?" despite being asleep and showing no signs of having woken up and then falling back asleep.


Location of the Northern Icehouse shown on the map

At first, Link delivers ice for the side quest "The Perfect Drink", but after that quest is complete, Link can continue to deliver ice to Pokki to earn Rupees. It costs Link 50 Rupees to deliver ice, and will be reimbursed by Pokki upon delivery. If Link delivers ice exceptionally quickly (under 2 minutes), Pokki will reward him with a Gold Rupee.

Related Quests

During the Shrine quest "The Perfect Drink", Link needs to find a beverage that will revitalize Pokki.

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Turtle Rock Reference

The Icehouse is located underground its entrance is shaded and covered by a large rock shaped like a turtle which is apparently a reference to Turtle Rock, a recurring geological feature that often acts as a dungeon in the Zelda series. However, it is never referenced as such in Breath of the Wild though the game is full of references to past games. Additionally, Spectacle Rock is also located in Gerudo Desert.

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