North Horon is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons. It is located roughly in the center of Holodrum, with Horon Village to the south, Holodrum Plain to the west, Eyeglass Lake to the east and Natzu to the north east.


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Traveling Troupe

Link encounters the Traveling Troupe in North Horon

After the Triforce transports Link to the land of Holodrum, he awakens in North Horon, where he encounters Din and her Traveling Troupe. Shortly thereafter, the villain General Onox appears and kidnaps Din, who is revealed to be the Oracle of Seasons. After acquiring a sword and the Gnarled Key, Link enters the Gnarled Root Dungeon under the instructions of the Maku Tree. Link later returns to North Horon after acquiring the Power Bracelet in the Snake's Remains dungeon. Here, he meets Ricky who has lost his Gloves to Blaino. Link wins back the Gloves and with the help of Ricky, crosses the Holodrum Plain.

In a Linked Game the Great Moblin will kidnap Zelda in North Horon. Link must fight four Moblins to rescue her. Afterwards she stays with Impa in her Refuge until near the end of the game. She will restore all of Link's hearts if he talks to her.

North Horon plays a large role in the quest for the Noble Sword. Link must trade the Cuccodex to Malon in exchange for a Lon Lon Egg in her house in North Horon. Later Link must trade the Fish to the owner of Mittens in exchange for the Megaphone. Link must use the Megaphone to wake up Talon in Mt. Cucco and have him return to his house in North Horon.

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Due to General Onox kidnapping Din, the Oracle of Seasons, the seasons in Holodrum are out of control. North Horon is a perfect example of this. When Link first enters North Horon before Onox kidnaps Din it appears to be summer. Afterwards by default the southern half of North Horon will be winter while the northern half will be spring. There is only one tree stump allowing Link to change the season in North Horon, located in the southern half near Malon and Talon's house.

Points of interest

Impa's Refuge, Gnarled Root Dungeon and Malon and Talon's house are all located in the southern section of North Horon. Blaino's Gym is located in the northern section as well as a Scent Seed tree which Link can warp to using Gale Seeds. If Link defeats the four golden beasts through out the land, an Old Man in a cave south of Gnarled Root Dungeon will give him the Red Ring. The cave can only be accessed when a portion of the river drys up in Summer.


North Horon

North Horon

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