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North Clock Town,[1] also known as the North Gate,[name reference needed] is an area of Clock Town in Majora's Mask.



Main article: Bombers Secret Society of Justice

Jim is the leader of the Bombers, distinguished from the others by his red bandanna (every other Bomber wears a blue bandanna). During the course of the game, he never leaves North Clock Town, and can usually be found shooting at a balloon featuring the image of Majora's Mask with his blowgun. If Link shoots this balloon, however, Jim will recognize his skill and ask to play a game of Hide and Seek with him, which will earn Link a place in the Bombers if he wins. During this game, both Jim and Bomber 2 can be found in North Clock Town.

Great Fairy of Magic

Main article: Great Fairy

Clock Town's Great Fairy, the Great Fairy of Magic, is located in the Fairy Fountain on the west side of North Clock Town. Upon meeting her the first time as Deku Link after returning her Stray Fairy, she will provide him with the ability to use magic, allowing Deku Link to shoot bubbles, and Link's other forms to do various extra tasks.[2] After this meeting, if Link visits again as his normal human self, the Great Fairy will supply him with the Great Fairy Mask.[3]

Deku Scrubs

Main article: Deku Scrub Playground

Two Deku Scrubs run a mini-game, located in the Deku Scrub Playground, every year in the days leading up to the Carnival of Time.[4] Only Deku Scrubs are allowed to play the game, however, as it is heavily based on using Deku Flowers.


Main article: Tingle

Tingle is first encountered in North Clock Town, ready to sell Maps to Link. After his balloon is popped and he falls back down to the ground, Link can purchase the Clock Town and Woodfall maps for 5 and 40 Rupees, respectively.


Although there are no shops in this part of town, Link can visit the Great Fairy Fountain, the Deku Scrub Playground, and enter Termina Field near the Snowhead region here. Recent reports of a thief lurking around town have given North Clock Town a dangerous reputation.[5][6] North Clock Town also has a patch of Moving Grass, where a Keaton can be summoned if cut while wearing the Keaton Mask.

Sakon will rob from the Old Lady from the Bomb Shop here at midnight on the First Day. If Link stops him by attacking him with a sword before he can leave, he will be rewarded with the Blast Mask, the Big Bomb Bag the Old Lady was carrying will be sold at the Bomb Shop for 90 Rupees, and the All-Night Mask will be sold at the Curiosity Shop on the Final Day. If Link fails to stop the robbery, the Big Bomb Bag will be sold at the Curiosity Shop for 100 Rupees on the Final Day instead. Attacking Sakon with any other weapon or attack may cause the package to explode.

North Clock Town has three Pieces of Heart. One is on top of a tree in the area, which Link must jump onto from the platform near it. A second Piece of Heart can be won by surpassing all three days' time records in the Deku Scrub Playground. A third Piece of Heart can be earned by answering all five questions of the Keaton that appears in the Moving Grass.

The Great Fairy Mask is also obtained in North Clock Town if Link visits the Great Fairy of Magic while in human form and returns her Stray Fairy. The Bombers' Notebook is given to Link by Jim after completing the Bombers' Hide and Seek game. They will also allow Link to join their gang, giving him access to the passcode necessary to enter the Astral Observatory.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese クロックタウン (北) (Kurokku Taun (Kita)) Clock Town (North)
Canada FrenchCA Nord de Cadranbourg (MM3D) North of Clock Town
French Republic FrenchEU Nord de Bourg-Clocher North of Clock Town
Federal Republic of Germany German Nord-Unruh-Stadt
Italian Republic Italian Cronopoli Nord North Time Town
Kingdom of Spain SpanishEU Norte de la Ciudad Reloj North of the Clock City


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