"But enough small talk. How ya doin'? Call me Noko. Listen, us Anoukis only pair up with folks we find agreeable. Me? My biggest gripe is guys wearin' yellow. I mean... blech! As far as I'm concerned, outside of bananas, nothing looks good in yellow! Oh man, I do love a good banana, though! Anyway, good talking to ya, pal!"
— Noko

Noko is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. He is an Anouki living in Anouki Village. He detests the color yellow, but loves bananas. For unknown reasons, Yeko cannot stand him. In addition to this, Noko is a merchant dealing in the sale of Mega Ice; however, an Ice ChuChu fell into the pool that is used to create Mega Ice. As Link requires the use of Mega Ice, he brings Noko to another area where Mega Ice can be made. Noko uses the water at Wellspring Station to create new Mega Ice, allowing him to distribute it again. Link uses Mega Ice to put out the fires in Goron Village, as well as keeping the fish in Papuchia Village fresh.

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