The Nintendo Switch is Nintendo's current video game console, which doubles as a portable. It was released on March 3rd, 2017. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was a Launch Title for the system, and was simultaneously released for Wii U.


  • The console's main feature is it's ability to seamlessly "switch" between home console TV play and handheld portable play, bridging the gap between Nintendo's portable and handheld systems. It is able to do this through it's "Joy-Con" controllers, which can be slid onto the sides of the system, and remove it from the Nintendo Switch Dock, which connects it to a TV via HDMI.
  • The Joy-Con are small Wii-remote-esc controllers. They can be slid onto a Joy-Con Grip, which comes with the system, and used as a traditional controller. However, they can also be held separately for a more relaxed way to play. They can also be held sideways as separate controllers entirely for 2-player multiplayer. Another set of Joy-Con may be purchased and used for 4-player multiplayer. One console can support up to 4 Joy-Con at a time. There are slight differences between the Left and Right Joy-Con. The left Joy-Con has a "-" button as opposed to the Right Joy-Con's "+" button. The Right Joy-Con has the traditional ABXY buttons, while the Left has directional buttons reminiscent of the "C" buttons on the Nintendo 64. They each have an analog stick, and their own respective trigger and side buttons. The Left Joy-Con has a "Capture" button, used to take screenshots and, in the future, will be able to record video. The Right Joy-Con has a "Home" button.


  • The Nintendo Switch is the first Nintendo console to not feature the traditional Nintendo D-Pad. This was replaced by the buttons on the Joy-Con (L) to make it similar to using the buttons on the Joy-Con (R) when being held sideways.
  • The News Channel occasionally has hint articles for games such as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and will hand out free stuff such as ingredients and weapons.