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Nintendo Power (July/August 1988) is a magazine published by Nintendo.

Zelda Content[]

Zelda: The Second Quest Begins (p. 26-37)[]

The article features a complete walkthrough of the Second Quest of The Legend of Zelda and detailed maps of its Level 1 to Level 6. It also provides readers with detailed maps of both Overworlds along with a "Buyer's Guide" revealing the prices of Merchants.

The article also teases some footage of The Adventure of Link such as its Overworld and Spell system.

Howard & Nester (p. 55)[]

The comic features Howard Phillips and a young boy named Nester. In the comic, Nester is struggling to find Level 8 and Level 9 in The Legend of Zelda. Wanting to know their locations but not admit he does not know them, Nester tricks Howard into telling him.

Pak Watch (p. 86-87)[]

The article announces the release of The Adventure of Link for October 1988.[note 1] It also revealed some of its plot and featured Link talking: "Hang on Zelda, it won't be long now. Your nightmare will soon be over!".

NES Journal (p. 92-95)[]

The article features an advertisement for Tips & Tactics.

It also features information on Kirk and Candace Cameron, revealing that The Legend of Zelda is one of their favorite games, although Candace had not yet completed it.

Top 30 (p. 102-104)[]

The section features the 30 most popular Nintendo Entertainment System games according to a poll held by Nintendo. The Legend of Zelda is in first position with 214 points.[note 2]

The points for The Legend of Zelda go as follow:

  • Player's Picks: 1496 points (Second position)
  • Pro's Picks: 323 points (First position)
  • Dealer's Picks: 325 points (Third position)


  1. This release date was not met as The Adventure of Link was released on December 1, 1988.
  2. The total of points is divided by ten in the final ranking board.