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Nintendo Game Pack
File:TLoZ Link Nintendo Game Pack.png
Link's pack
Publisher(s) Topps
Release date 1989

Nintendo Game Pack is a set of collectible cards based on several NES games released in 1989 by Topps.


The set consists of 60 scratch off cards and 33 stickers, with 10 scratch off cards based on The Legend of Zelda and 10 on The Adventure of Link, and 7 stickers based on The Legend of Zelda. Each scratch off card features a screen from a game where the player must scratch it in order to win or lose following the instructions on the back of the card. Each sticker features on its back a top secret tip.

Each pack includes 3 scratch off cards and 2 stickers.

Top Secret Tips

The Legend of Zelda

# Tip
2 Some of the labyrinths in ZELDA have hidden doors. Press the middle of each wall and you may find one.
8 Push on every tombstone in the graveyard. One of them hides the entrance to a secret cave!
14 Cemetery: use your White Sword to hit a Ghini four times. Touching each of the graves will turn them into Ghini; then hit the original Ghini again & they'll disappear and leave gifts.
16 A Dodongo can be defeated with two bombs, one set in front of the other. The 1st he will eat; the 2nd will go off and stun him. While he is stunned, defeat him with your sword and you'll win 4 bombs.
26 Blow your whistle if a bubble takes your sword away. It will stop play for a second; when the game resumes, your sword will be back (First quest only).
32 Press the Select button quickly after giving the Goriya your bait. Then hit Up, A, and Continue; you'll beat the Goriya and still have the bait in your inventory.

The Adventure of Link

# Tip
6 Patience is a virtue! Prolong your playing time by discovering the best way to deal with your foes and learning your way around the screens.
12 When you defeat a Bot (or a Bit, his red cousin) you win two points. Touch the items they leave with your sword and pick them up.
16 Upon entering the villages in Hyrule, you should talk to everyone you meet. Get close to them and press A.
24 It's always risky business entering caves. Be on high alert for a sinister bat named Ache!
30 Inside the castle mazes are a series of locked doors. You'll need keys, but you'll have to fight Stalfos for them. Good luck!


Scratch Off Cards

The Legend of Zelda

The Adventure of Link