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The Nintendo Gallery is a location from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. A figurine gallery, it is located off the coast of the Forest Haven.

Collecting Figurines

In order to collect the figurines, Link must take pictures with the Deluxe Picto Box. The photographs must then be given to Carlov, the operator of the gallery, so he can make a figurine based on the picture. After the passage of one day (the "Song of Passing" can be used twice to pass the required day rapidly), the figurine will appear in a room grouped with other figurines similar to it. Figurines can be of almost anything, from Crabs on the shore to enemies and bosses. If the pictures do not show a clear image of the subject, Carlov will say that the figurine cannot be made.

If Link begins a Second Quest, all of his figurines will be carried over into the new game. It should be noted that this the only time in the entire series that Nintendo has referred to itself in-game.

In the HD remake, Carlov will accept multiple pictographs. Additionally, pictographs which can be made into figurines will be stamped with a sigil of Carlov's face and the word "Good!".

Sections and Figurines

From left to right:

Forest Haven (14)

Dragon Roost Island (18)

Enemies (19)

Bosses/Mini-bosses (18)

Outset Island (14)

Windfall Island (27)

Great Sea (22)

Legendary Pictographs

Main article: Legendary Pictograph

Later in the game, Link can buy Legendary Pictographs from Lenzo, during the various phases of the moon, for 50 Rupees (150 in Wind Waker HD). The Legendary Pictographs are made available to Link because all of the characters featured in the pictographs could not be taken normally, because they only appear in cutscenes (save for Ganondorf). These are the only black and white shots that are accepted at the gallery (full color in Wind Waker HD), besides pictures of bosses taken in Ganon's Tower with the Deluxe Picto Box. The Legendary Pictographs are as follows:

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