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Nintendo Adventure Books
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The two Zelda books released
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Release date(s)
June 1991 - April 1992

The Nintendo Adventure Books is a twelve-book series published from June 1991 to April 1992 that were based on the Mario and The Legend of Zelda video games. The books follow the Choose-Your-Own-Adventure format, which means the reader could choose what the characters did and thus direct the story. Although the books are heavy in text and lighter in illustration, they feature a variety of puzzles and mazes which offer clues to determine the success or failures in various situations. The readers would be required to keep score of items that they would pick up along their adventure, and they would also receive or lose points depending on the actions they would take. After reaching the ending of the book, the points would be tallied up to score the reader's adventurer rating.

Although the majority of the books published were Mario-themed, two Zelda books were published during 1992.

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