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Nilbom the Tailor is a character featured in The Shadow Prince. He lives in the Water Town of Saria, where he has his own tailor shop.


Link can only meet Nilbom if he opens the gates of Saria Town with the Magic Potion given to him by a Moblin in Midoro Swamp. Once he goes into the town square, a mustachioed man enthusiastically approaches the young hero and announces to the whole that Link has arrived, which causes for the townsfolk to completely surround him.[1] Link then asks who the man is and how he knew he was coming, and the man introduces himself as Nilbom the tailor, pointing in the direction of his shop.[2] Nilbom goes on to say that the king sent word that Link was on the way, and guesses that if the young hero is looking for something, he will find it in the town meeting hall.[3] Nilbom urges Link to follow him, but just as the young hero is following Nilbom, he looks to the tailor shop's window and realizes that Nilbom's name is "Moblin" backwards.[4]

If Link decides to follow Nilbom to the town meeting hall, Nilbom will open the door to the hall, but will promptly shut the door behind him and lock it, saying that Ganon will be glad to hear that Link has been captured. The walls will then begin to move towards Link, ending with a Game Over as Link desperately tries to open the door in vain.[5]


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