"Lets you make and break your own sand pillars!"
— In-game description

The Nice Sand Rod is an item from The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. It is a more powerful version of the Sand Rod. If Link has purchased the Sand Rod from Ravio, Mother Maiamai will upgrade it into the Nice Sand Rod after he rescues ten Lost Maiamais. Like the Sand Rod, the Nice Sand Rod will create sand pillars. However, these pillars last longer than those of the Sand Rod. Also, if Link uses it on a non-sand surface, dust will puff up in a line rather than just right in front of him, which can be useful for stunning enemies.

Non-canonical appearances

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Hyrule Warriors

Nice Sand Wand icon from the Hyrule Warriors series

The Nice Sand Rod appears in Hyrule Warriors & Hyrule Warriors Legends as part of Toon Link's Sand Wand weapon moveset as the Nice Sand Wand. It has a Fire Elemental Attribute and it allows Toon Link to summon and attack with sand blocks and the Spirit Train. Its design is altered a bit with both the handle and the core of the head of the wand being colored red with a yellow-golden trim.

Hyrule Warriors Legends

Level 4

Nice Sand Wand+ is Toon Link's Level 4 weapon in Hyrule Warriors Legends. It is a stronger plus version of Toon Link's Level 3 weapon. Like all Level 4 weapons, it has the same design as the Level 3 weapon it is based on.

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