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The Dawn of A New Day, is a day in Majora's Mask, the events of which are shown during the ending credits.[name reference needed]

As a Bad Ending[]

Main article: Terminan Apocalypse

If Link fails to defeat Majora's Mask before the Moon ends up falling towards Termina, a cutscene showing its destruction appears.

As the Ending Credits[]

During the Dawn of A New Day, several characters Link has helped in the past get some much needed closure. The first event showcased is that of the Skull Kid, now free of the power of Majora's Mask, reconciling with the Four Giants. During this scene, the Skull Kid also befriends Link (who remembers him from Ocarina of Time), and the Happy Mask Salesman recovers Majora's Mask. After bidding the Hero of Time farewell, the Happy Mask Salesman enigmatically vanishes. Link himself leaves via Epona to seemingly enter Clock Town after Tatl sternly tells him to go on about his business (before becoming emotional afterwards and saying "Thank you").

The following is a list of events as they occur chronologically during the Ending Credits of Majora's Mask.

  • The Indigo-Go's perform the song written by Japas and Mikau for the Carnival of Time in the Milk Bar Latte. Link appears as Zora Link to partake in the performance. Among those seen enjoying this portion of the show are Honey and Darling, and the Rosa Sisters. The incorrect sync of the music with the character animations make it seem as though Japas is playing the guitar instead of the bass.
  • A boat of four Gerudo Pirates are seen seafaring on the waters of Great Bay Region near the Marine Research Lab under a rainbow adorned sky. The captain of the skiff is pointing forwards during their first pass by the screen but, humorously, is pointing backwards during their second pass. The other pirates are shown patrolling their Fortress as usual.
  • The disembodied, ghostly heads of Igos du Ikana and his Lackeys are seen in the throneroom of Ikana Castle, singing and arguing, respectively.
  • A part of Goron Village is shown, though nobody is seen in there.
  • The inhabitants of the Deku Palace, minus the Deku Butler, are seen standing cordially with the Monkey in their throne room. The Deku Princess curtsies, and the Monkey waves, to the camera.
  • If the Postman's Hat is collected: The Postman, free of his Hat and backpack, is seen running freely through Termina Field's eastern region.
  • If Kamaro's Mask is collected: The Rosa Sisters dance at the Milk Bar Latte using the form taught to them by Link using Kamaro's Mask. The visible audience is only a Guard, presumably the one from West Clock Town who used to watch them practice.
  • If the Great Fairy Mask is collected: The five Great Fairies of Termina are shown floating together in their complete forms.
  • If Romani's Mask is collected: Romani and Cremia are shown at their ranch. Romani practices shooting her bow, popping three ghost-shaped balloons, earning much praise from her older sister, and she triumphantly runs a hand through her hair.
  • If the Blast Mask is collected: The Bomb Shop Owner and his mommy are seen embracing in West Clock Town in front of their Shop.
  • If the Bunny Hood is collected: Grog is seen with his gaggle of roosters.
  • If the Troupe Leader's Mask is collected: The Indigo-Go's perform again, but Zora Link is absent (presumably now leaving the land). Among those watching are some Zora, some Carpenters, and Gorman.
  • If the Bremen Mask is collected: A final sweep of the Milk Bar shows a large crowd listening to the musical talents of Guru-Guru, including a Guard, Shiro, some Zora, a Carpenter, Gabora, some Cuccoo, and Honey and Darling.
  • If the Gibdo Mask is collected: Pamela runs into the arms of her Father outside of their Music Box House, rejoicing in a Gibdo-free Ikana, though the river is dry.
  • If the Couple's Mask is collected: At long last, Kafei and Anju have their wedding ceremony. Among those present to witness the union are Mayor Dotour, Madame Aroma, Mutoh, Cremia, Viscen, the Man from Curiosity Shop, Anju's Mother, Granny, and Tingle. Anju is shown in her beautiful wedding dress wearing a string of pink pearls, but the adult Kafei is not shown. Tingle cries and throws confetti.
  • If the Mask of Scents is collected: The Deku Butler is seen kneeling before the bizarre withered tree beneath the Clock Tower, quivering. Many believe this tree may in fact be his missing Son.
  • Finally, Link, no longer in Termina, is shown riding away on Epona through the foggy woods where he first encountered the Skull Kid, searching for Navi once again. Upon a stump sitting under a ring of light is a primitive drawing of Link, the Skull Kid, Tatl and Tael, and in the background the Four Giants, waving, by the Skull Kid himself as a remembrance. Saria's Song is briefly heard after a few moments, then the game ends.


  • Through a glitch, specifically the "4th Day Glitch", it is possible to explore Termina in the New Day with unlimited time, though when executed, the Moon will appear extremely far away (its sprite turned tiny in reality), and Clock Town will be empty, therefore disabling all events related to the Bomber's Notebook.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite
Language Name
Canada FrenchCA Nouveau jour (MM3D)
Community of Latin American and Caribbean States SpanishLA Nuevo día (MM3D)

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