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Neri is a character in Phantom Hourglass.[2]


During the start of the game, Neri remains imprisoned inside the Temple of Wind, as she was imprisoned by Bellum; however, after Link defeats Cyclok, she is freed and joins him through his quest. She opens a locked door in the third floor of the Temple of the Ocean King.

When 10 Wisdom Gems are offered at Spirit Island, Neri's power will halve all damage Link takes. The damage he takes will be cut down to a fourth when all 20 Wisdom Gems are gathered and offered. In addition, Link's Wooden Shield can deflect stronger attacks. Link also has the ability to stun weak enemies by simply walking into them, including electrified ChuChus. With 10 gems, a Phantom will only take 15 seconds of time from the Phantom Hourglass. After 20 gems are obtained, Neri cuts the time lost down to five seconds.

Other Appearances

Phantom Hourglass Manga

In the Phantom Hourglass manga by Akira Himekawa, Neri appears after Link has defeated Cyclok. She introduces herself as the Spirit of Wisdom in service to the Ocean King, thanking Link for her rescue.[3] Leaf rushes to his fellow spirit, expressing his happiness for Neri's safety.[4] Neri asks about the Ocean King and Leaf replies that he was probably sealed as they were, inviting her to aid Link with him.[5][6] Ciela then introduces herself,[7] although Neri exclaims that Ciela has changed.[8] Seeing that Ciela is confused, Neri asks if she remembers anything.[9] Before Neri can explain, a young girl that Link, Ciela and Linebeck had saved is captured by Crayk, who brings the girl to Molida Island.[10] Linebeck refuses to help Link rescue the girl, as she has no connection to the treasure he seeks.[11] An upset Ciela has Leaf and Neri assist her in keeping Link's barrel from capsizing, as it is his only mode of transportation.[12][13] Linebeck changes his mind after their futile efforts and the group sails together towards Molida Island. After Crayk is defeated, Neri watches as Grandpa Oshus reveals Ciela's true form, reuniting the fairy with her memories and transforming her into the Spirit of Courage.[14] Neri then celebrates with her fellow spirits as Ciela remembers them.[15][16] Ciela suddenly hears a voice, which happens to be Tetra calling for help.[17][18] Neri, Leaf and Ciela then accompany Link and Linebeck to the Ghost Ship.

Once on the Ship, Neri finds a statue, which happens to be a cursed Tetra.[19][20] They are then confronted by one of the Cubus Sisters,[21] who attacks Linebeck. Neri, Leaf and Ciela charge at the demon, protecting the captain. After the battle, Neri silently observes when Grandpa Oshus is revealed to be the Ocean King.[22] Oshus instructs Link on how to defeat Bellum and the hero declares that they must set sail immediately.[23][24] Link notices the spirits' hesitation and Neri is skeptical about allowing Linebeck to continue his assistance, feeling that he is filled with fear and could betray them any moment.[25][26] Linebeck prepares to leave, but he is persuaded by Oshus and Link to stay through the voyage.[27][28][29] When the pirate Jolene attacks the SS Linebeck, Neri and Leaf keep Tetra's statue from falling off the Ship. Neri tells Jolene that if Bellum is not defeated, he will rule the ocean.[30] At first, Jolene does not believe the spirit and reveals her reasons for attacking Linebeck and his ship along with why she is upset with him.[31] Just as Linebeck apologizes, Bellum appears and possesses the captain.[32] Neri leaves with Link and the other spirits to the Temple of the Ocean King in order to rescue Linebeck.

Neri enters the Temple with the spirits and Link to find a possessed Linebeck trapped in Phantom armor. When Linebeck arranges to kill himself to protect Link, time freezes. Neri states that, as the Spirit of Courage, Ciela can place a Phantom Sphere into the Phantom Hourglass to stop time.[33] Taking advantage of Ciela's ability, Link stabs Bellum's eye, releasing Linebeck. Suddenly, the group is transported back to the SS Linebeck. Grandpa Oshus returns to his true form as the Ocean King because Bellum's power has been weakened.[34] With Bellum's power weakened, Tetra is no longer a statue and Neri celebrates with the group.[35] Bellum arrives during the celebration's midst and drags the Ocean King underwater to drown him,[36] but Jolene arrives as well with the newly forged Phantom Sword.[37] With support from Tetra and Linebeck, Link defeats the monster. Neri claims that Bellum has finally been ended.[38] The Ocean King then tells Link and Tetra that his world is separate from their own.[39] Neri and Leaf watch as Ciela bids Link farewell and the hero and Tetra are returned to their world.[40]


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ネーリ (Nēri) Neri
Canada FrenchCA Neri, Esprit de la Sagesse Neri, Spirit of Wisdom
Federal Republic of Germany German Neri, Lichtgeist der Weisheit Neri, Light Spirit of Wisdom
Italian Republic Italian Nelly, Spirito della Saggezza Nelly, Spirit of Wisdom
Community of Latin American and Caribbean States SpanishLA Neri, Espíritu de la Sabiduría Triforce piece.png Neri, Spirit of Wisdom

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