"That's a Nejiron. Don't get too close to it. Sniff...Sniff... It smells like gun powder!"

Nejirons are enemies from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. These rock-like creatures can be found on the Road to Ikana in the daytime as well as in a certain chamber in Stone Tower Temple. Nejirons are at least partially made of gun powder, making them explosive. Nejirons hide underground and pop up when an enemy approaches. They attack by rolling, thus crushing Link and doing minimal damage; however, their attack can be easily avoided. After a roll attack, whether they hit Link or not, they will burrow back into the ground and can rise from their original spot like before.

The only way to defeat a Nejiron is to force it to explode, which can be accomplished with most forms of attack. The explosion will damage Link, so it is dangerous to attack them at close range. While visually the same as a bomb blast, the explosion will not affect other things that would normally be destroyed by bombs, such as rocks and other Nejirons. Deku Sticks, arrows (except Light Arrows), as well as Deku Link's Spin Attack and bubbles will have no effect. Upon defeat, Nejirons frequently leave behind bombs that Link can use.

If Link is wearing the Stone Mask, Nejirons will never come out of the ground. If he dons the mask while they are rolling, they will cut their attack short and re-burrow. If Link dons it while they are rising from the ground, they will turn to face him like they usually do, but will remain stationary and not attack. If a Nejiron rises from the ground and then burrows, a small dark spot, appearing like a tiny round shadow, can be seen where it is waiting to rise again. These spots appear only when a Nejiron has burrowed up from the ground at least once, and has re-burrowed shortly thereafter.

Tatl's Note

Tatl Artwork Don't get too close to it. Sniff...Sniff... It smells like gun powder!


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Nejirons bear striking resemblance to Gorons and may in fact be a variation of them, considering their names both end with "-ron". Another one may be that Neji- means imposter, and ron may mean goron, so it may be an imposter goron.

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