The Necklace is a quest item from The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening. The necklace, which is part of the trading quest for the Magnifying Lens, belongs to Martha, a mermaid who lost it when the tide swept it off her neck. If Link dives under the bridge in the southwest corner of Martha's Bay, he will see the Fisherman from Mabe Village. He needs a new Fishing Hook for his Fishing Rod. If Link hands over the hook he receives from Grandma Ulrira, he tries it out right away and promises to give Link his first catch. Instead of catching a fish, however, he catches the necklace. Keeping his promise, he gives his first catch to Link. The necklace can in turn be traded to Martha in exchange for the Mermaid's Scale.

Pink Bra

In the original Japanese version as well as select releases outside of North America, the item is a Pink Bra rather than a necklace.

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