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Nayru's Pearl is an Item in The Wind Waker.[1]

Location and Uses

Nayru's Pearl, named after Nayru, the Golden Goddess, is the third and final of three Goddess Pearls that Link obtains. It is initially kept by Jabun on Greatfish Isle; however, when Link travels there, he finds that it has been destroyed by Ganondorf.[2] Fortunately, Jabun had sensed him coming and fled to Outset Island.[3] Link and the King of Red Lions travel to his cave after the stone door is broken down by Link using the Cannon and Bombs. Jabun, after some convincing from the King of Red Lions, then gives Nayru's Pearl to Link.[4][5] Link later places the Pearl on Southern Triangle Island to make the Tower of the Gods rise from the Great Sea.


  • An unused sprite for Nayru's Pearl can be found in the data of The Minish Cap.


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