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Natzu River
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Seed Satchel upgrade
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Spring is the default season for this area. Spring
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Natzu River is a location in Oracle of Seasons.[name reference needed] It is located in central Holodrum at the base of the northern mountains. Natzu River is one of three possible variations depending on which Strange Flute Link has obtained, along with Natzu Prairie and Natzu Wasteland. Link must traverse through the area if he befriends Dimitri and obtains his Flute, who is necessary to navigate the River's landscape. If Link obtains Ricky's Flute or Moosh's Flute, then the area will instead become the Natzu Prairie or the Natzu Wasteland, respectively.

Features and Overview

Natzu River is a flooded area in central Holodrum that features river rapids and tiny islands. It is part of the river that flows from Mt. Cucco to the Spool Swamp. It lies directly north of North Horon and Holodrum Plain. The River is connected by a crossroad to the west, which sits between Holodrum Plain and the Temple Remains. Natzu River can also be entered through an alternate passage in Holodrum Plain once Link has obtained the Roc's Feather, as well through another entrance north of Blaino's Gym. The River's flooded landscape prevents Link from exploring the area in its entirety unless he brings Dimitri with him. The River is stuck in perpetual Spring, as it lacks a Tree Stump to change the Seasons with.

Natzu River is one of three possible variations of the area, which will change to accommodate the abilities of Link's chosen animal companion, whom Link is unable to navigate the area without. Natzu River is the result if Link has befriended Dimitri and obtained his Flute. The flooded landscape makes extensive use of Dimitri's swimming ability, whose help is required up until Link obtains the Zora's Flippers. Even still, only Dimitri can swim through the river rapids that form a part of the River.

An island in the southern rapids holds a stairway that leads to an underground Fairy Fountain. Near the island is a cave at the top of a waterfall, which can only be climbed by Dimitri. Inside, a singing Deku Scrub will upgrade the capacity of Link's Seed Satchel. In a Linked Game, the Deku Scrub will give the upgrade after being told the Deku Secret. A third cave sits in a small strip of land in the north. A Treasure Chest inside containing 50 Rupees sits on the other end of a large gap, which can only be crossed via moving platforms.

The River ends at the Moblin's Keep to the east, where the Great Moblin threatens trespassers to pay his toll by blasting them with cannons.[1] Beyond the Keep is Sunken City, however a pair of pitfalls in the road prevents Link from taking Dimitri with him to the City, and any attempts to call him within the City with the Flute will fall flat. However, he can be summoned just outside, and then ridden into the City.

Minor Enemies and Traps


Natzu is derived from ナッツ (Nattsu), which is part of the Japanese name for Deku Scrubs, デクナッツ (Deku Nattsu). This may be in reference to the lone Deku Scrub who resides in one of the caves.

TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ナッツたいが (Nattsu Taiga) Nattsu River
French Republic FrenchEU Rivière Natzu
Federal Republic of Germany German Natzu-Flusslauf
Italian Republic Italian Fiume Natzu
Kingdom of Spain SpanishEU Río Natzu


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  1. "You! You, boy! This is the Great Moblin's realm! If you wish to get by alive, pay my toll! Hah, hah!" — Great Moblin (Oracle of Seasons)