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Mysterious Man
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The Mysterious Man is a character in A Link Between Worlds.


The Mysterious Man is the only human found in the Skull Woods Region. As Link meets him the first time, the Mysterious Man is expecting a search party but is angry at the fact that Link is instead a kid.[1] He next assumes that Link is seeking extreme outdoors activities and proceeds to tell Link how he got dizzy and lost while excessively trunking in the Skull Woods.[2][3][4] He offers Link a Golden Bee for 888 Rupees as long as he has an empty Bottle.[5][6][7][8] After Link buys it from him, the Mysterious Man is surprised Link blindly trusted a stranger like him without even seeing what he was offering to sell.[9] He warns Link not to be so trusting and reveals that misplaced trust is what got him lost.[10]

The Mysterious Man and his Hyrule counterpart, Bouldering Guy, share similar fates in that both are stuck in their respective locations as a result of outdoor activities they did before Link finds them. The difference though is that Bouldering Guy is able to escape and return to Hyrule's Milk Bar after Link gives him Premium Milk, whereas the Mysterious Man remains in the cave he took refuge in throughout the rest of the game.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name
French-speaking countries French Homme mystérieux
Federal Republic of Germany German Mysteriöser Mann
Italian Republic Italian Uomo misterioso
Spanish-speaking countries Spanish Hombre misterioso


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