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Muzu is a character in Breath of the Wild.[3]


Muzu is one of the Zora elders on the Zora council and the former teacher of Princess Mipha.[4] Muzu cared greatly for Mipha.[5] He harbors a strong disdain for Hylians, feeling that they were responsible for the events of the Great Calamity and Mipha's death.[6][7] When Link arrives at Zora's Domain and meets with King Dorephan, Muzu protests the King’s request for Link’s assistance in appeasing the Divine Beast Vah Ruta.[8] Muzu is especially upset and storms off when King Dorephan gives Link the Zora Armor that Mipha crafted for her future husband.[9][10]

Sidon explains to Muzu that Mipha loved Link,[11] but Muzu vehemently resists the notion.[12] He reluctantly promises that he will help Link only if he is presented with proof of Mipha’s feelings for him.[13] After seeing Link wearing the Zora Armor, which fits the Hylian perfectly, Muzu realizes that Mipha did indeed make the Armor for Link.[14]

When Link returns to King Dorephan’s throne room after appeasing Ruta, Muzu apologizes for his behavior and acknowledges Link's noble intentions.[15] He concedes that he and the older generation of Zora may have misunderstood Hylians and asks for Link's forgiveness.[16]


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United KingdomEnglishBRMuzu
Latin AmericaSpanishLAMuzun
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