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Mutated Ganon is an Enemy in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity.[name reference needed]


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Mutated Ganon is extremely reminiscent of Breath of the Wild's Calamity Ganon. It has two arms which are made of Malice and covered in Eyes Of Malice. The arms themselves have a sawblade and a sword respectively. It also has whisker-like appendages jutting out from beside its head with blades(Including one strangely reminiscent of a Lizal Tri-Boomerang) for defending its vulnerable head. It walks on spine-like legs. Despite its massive size, it is surprisingly agile, able to jump high and far. It has two phases; in the first, none of its unique abilities are shown, and its eye, which is down at ground level, is a weak point, making it extremely easy to hurt its weak point gauge. Eventually, it charges itself up with Malice, and its eye is no longer a weak spot (though this is seemingly at the cost of giving its weapons weak point gauges.) and its weapons become targetable with Lock-On. It can even use two rune-counterable attacks at the same time(Though the usefulness of that is seemingly very low.) Its attacks are as follows:

  • Swing its blade down
  • Slam its sawblade down
  • Fire off homing Malice fireballs
  • Jump back while firing Malice enhanced Terrako Beams
  • Swing its whisker blades forwards

In Phase 2, its attacks are enhanced

  • Swing its blade down multiple times
  • Swing its blade down with a shockwave added
  • Slam its sawblade down multiple times
  • Slam its sawblade down, then drag it across the room
  • Charge forwards while swinging it's whisker blades, then fall forwards and swing the sawblade back.
  • Defend with its sawblade while summoning a ball of metal objects.
  • Slam both its blade and sawblade down, (Which summons rocks) then fire off Malice.
  • Slam both its blade and sawblade down, and attempt to suck you in.


  • Mutated Ganon is the only enemy in the game that cannot have Stasis used on it without a Rune Counter.


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