Music House

Music House
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The Music House is a location in The Minish Cap.[1]

Features and Overview

The Music House is a House located along the western side of Hyrule Town's square. It is owned by Herb, and remains locked until Link collects 130 Figurines; he will then allow Link inside his House,[2] which contains a Piece of Heart, three Treasure Chests with 200 Rupees in each, and a Phonograph.


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  2. "!? Whooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! You did it! I can't believe you did it! This is...a totally complete set! How incredibly awesome! And you even got the legendary Carlov Medal!!! It shines with a beautiful light... It's every collector's dream! What you've shown me here... It's just... It's just amazing. Here, feel free to go in my house and take whatever you want in thanks... 'Cuz, you know, I'm rich! Hahaha!" — Herb (The Minish Cap)
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