The Music Box House is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. Located at the top of Ikana Canyon, the Music Box House, as its name implies, is shaped and functions much like an oversized music box. When water passes from Spring Water Cave in the canyon and moves the waterwheel, the Music Box House emits a melody known as "Farewell to Gibdos" throughout the region to scare away unwanted ghosts and evil spirits. When the music ceases to play, however, the canyon becomes a Gibdo-filled wasteland.


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The Music Box House is powered by the river that flows through the valley, which moves the waterwheel and plays the music. When Link is in Termina, he finds that the region of Ikana is cursed and the Music Box House has stopped playing its song. Because of this, the inhabitants of the house refuse to come outside. The evil Composer Brother Sharp has halted the water flow, and Link must find the other brother Flat to find out how to break the curse placed on Sharp. Flat teaches Link the "Song of Storms", and Link confronts Sharp and plays him this song. The curse is broken and the flow of water in the valley is restored; by extension, the Music Box House starts playing again, as well, causing all the Gibdos to retreat into the bowels of the earth.

Pamela unlocks the door to the house, giving Link a chance to sneak inside while she checks up on the nearby well. Inside, Link finds a huge closet in the house's basement. The door opens and a mummified man lunges out and approaches Link. If Link does not act quickly, Pamela will return and kick him out. If he plays the "Song of Healing" on his ocarina, however, he will heal the creature, revealing it to be Pamela's father, who had been cursed by the Gibdos.

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