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Mucktorok is a boss in Tears of the Kingdom. It is an Octorok located in the Water Temple. Summoned by Ganondorf to plague the Zora Domain, this creature is the source of the sludge contaminating the Lanayru Region. Afterwards, it can be found in The Depths guarding chests.


Tears of the Kingdom[]

Hyrule Compendium Entry

XXX (XXX) Mucktorok
The culprit behind the sludge that plagued Zora's Domain. Despite its small size, it was able to produce a massive deluge of the substance, polluting the entire region. It can mold sludge into outer shells of various shapes, a technique it uses both to protect itself and attack its foes.
Common Locations
Water Temple
Recoverable Materials
Mucktorok Creature

The Sludge Creature created by the Mucktorok during its boss fight

In Tears of the Kingdom, Mucktorok was summoned by Ganondorf to prevent Link and Sidon from gaining control of the Sage of Water's Secret Stone. After defeating the Mucktorok, it can be found again at certain locations in The Depths, defending chests.

Phase One[]

The Mucktorok creates a sludge-shark similar to a Molduga. It then rides this creature around the arena, creating piles of sludge. During this phase the creature has two attacks. One is that the creature jumps from the sludge and dives back in, creating a shockwave of tentacles. The other is that the creature fires a sludge-laser, while rotating around the arena. Due to the low gravity of the arena, these attacks can be avoided with a well-timed jump. They can also be blocked with Sidon's power.

Using Sidon’s power, or any other water attack such as an Opal fused to an arrow, you can stop the boss in its tracks. It will fall to the ground and the sludge creature will vanish, revealing the Mucktorok itself and allowing you to strike at it for a bit before regenerating its creature. Be aware that attacks with Sidon's power can make the creature vanish in one hit, but for other water attacks, it takes two hits.

Phase Two[]

When the Mucktorok reaches half health, it will regenerate its creature and return to riding around the arena, creating even more sludge than before. During this phase the creature gains a new attack by firing balls of sludge into the arena. When you destroy the creature, instead of being stunned the Mucktorok will now jump between piles of sludge while spewing muck. You will have to have good aim to hit it again and stun it. Due to the low gravity, it is possible for Link to jump and immediately aim at Mucktorok, as there will be enough height to trigger the slow-down effect. After a little while, it will regenerate the sludge creature and repeat until it is destroyed.

When you defeat the Mucktorok, you will receive a Heart Container and Sidon’s Vow, and the waters around Zora’s domain will be purified.


Mucktorok can be found in the depths after first defeating it in the Water Temple. Assuming you are fighting it with Sidon's Avatar, the fight will proceed almost identically to the original boss fight, except with a normalized gravity, making it impossible to jump over the attack, rendering Sidon's power necessary. It will also be trickier to aim at Mucktorok during phase two when the creature is destroyed. It is recommended to fuse the arrow with the Eyeballs to get a better aim.

When a Mucktorok is defeated in the depths, a nearby chest that was previously enveloped in gloom will become accessible. It contains a huge crystallized charge, equal to 100 crystallized charges. Mucktorok will also drop several Octo Balloons, Octorok Eyeballs, and Octorok Tentacles. Mucktoroks found in the depths will respawn with Blood Moons, but the reward chests will not.

War in the Depths of Hyrule[]

If Link reaches Gloom's Lair before defeating the Mucktorok in the Water Temple, he will have to fight it before being allowed to confront Ganondorf, along with other undefeated bosses. Otherwise, if Sidon awakens as a Sage, he will battle this Mucktorok in Link's stead. The battle is identical like the other rematches in the depths, except that without Sidon's power, a ton of water-based material will be required to destroy the creature and deal the damage to Mucktorok.

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